Diminishing sales volume had become a common phenomenon for brands since COVID-19 pandemic hit Hong Kong. A lot of them found they couldn’t boost sales effectively even with the help of e-shops and conventional advertising. The unique Affiliate Marketing Platform launched by Chatalog can help brands increase their sales through collaboration with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) for free!

If you are interested in: ✅ Gaining $70,000 worth of sales in 1 day, ✅ Have your products sold out in 1 week; 70% of KOLs in the Affiliate Marketing Platform applied for product promotion, continue reading the success story for more:

5 Advantages of using Chatalog Affiliate Marketing Platform

Differing from the traditional KOL marketing model, Brand customers can list their product onto the Chatalog platform for free: no listing fee or advertising fee will be charged. KOLs can scroll through product listings and generate the designated “KOL exclusive tracking link” on the Chatalog platform for them to promote in different channels, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Once the product had been successfully sold through the “KOL exclusive tracking link”, commission fee would be charged, guaranteeing only the most effective fee is charged.

  1. 🆓$0 Listing Fee No listing fee would be charged no matter how many products you uploaded to Chatalog platform
  2. 👥300+ KOL Members Chatalog platform have over 300 KOL(Key Opinion Leader)helps your product promotion
  3. 💰Reward Brand & KOL on designated ratio Once a product is sold, Chatalog platform will automatically process the preset commission to Brand customer & KOL
  4. 🌎Globalization Chatalog platform supports different payment methods worldwide, including the Hong Kong Government Voucher Scheme!
  5. 📈Boost click rate & sales volume Chatalog platform can help boost your brand’s click rate & sales volume through collaboration with KOLs

Chatalog affiliate marketing plan success case : promote products in omnichannel by KOL’s exclusive link.

🌟Success case 1:Set Sail Software (https://chatbot.com.hk) Information and Technology Industry

* Each KOL has a unique promotion link: https://bit.ly/3ux2hXJ

Set Sail Software is an official partner of Meta (Facebook), focusing on Facebook automation AI based on NLP technology. Set Sail serves various clients including Hang Seng Bank, SHEIN, KMB, government agencies, etc.

Set Sail Software’s official website had undergone a refurbsihing in early 2022, seeking to drive more potential customers to browse through and learn more about their services and products. Set Sail Software created a campaign with a total budget of HK$1,000 to “drive clicks” through the Chatalog platform, and reached the target clicks within 5 days! KOLs will receive “KOL Exclusive Links” after applying for the campaign listing, and they will promote it on their own channels. When people click those links, KOLs can earn $1 commission/click!

“Apart from other platforms, Chatalog allows us to not only control the advertising cost to $1/click, but also choose the appropriate KOLs to promote. KOLs and the target audience who are actually interested in the information and technology industry can really get to know our product.” — Set Sail Software

🌟Sucess Case 2:ArtecMed Medical Supplies Industry

* Each KOL has a unique promotion link: https://bit.ly/3L7lwxF

ArtecMed is a brand of ARTEC based in Hong Kong dedicated to medical development. ARTEC has expanded its business to 19 subsidiaries and offices in 7 countries around the world. They have been committed to improving human life with technology, and have a wide range of business, from cosmetics to medical supplies. The different series of products are part of striving to use technology to bring everyone a safe and healthy life.

During the pandemic, ArtecMed collaborated with Green Spring to launch a Covid-19 rapid test kit. The test kits were originally sold for HK$1,000/set, while ArtecMed uploaded their product on the platform and listed as HK$380/set. KOLs sold 200 sets on the first day. The single-day sales reached as high as HK$76,900! KOLs on the platform received “KOL Exclusive Links” after they applied for the campaign, and they did the promotions through their own channels. For each set sold, they earned HK $38 in commission.

Thank you Chatalog for inviting us to the platform and providing a channel for us to connect with the market. We were finally able to introduce and sell our products through different channels. We’re very glad that we were able to fight the pandemic with everyone and ease the difficulties together.” — ArtecMed

🌟Success Case 3:SP__CE Café & Lounge Catering Service industry

* Each KOL has a unique promotion link: https://bit.ly/3LbolxJ

SP_CE Café & Lounge is a pet-friendly restaurant located in Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan. People are welcome to bring their lovely pets to visit their cafe. The exterior of the restaurant is mainly made of brown and wood products, giving people a fresh and youthful feeling, so SP_CE is quite famous in the cafe & restaurants business. When the ban on dine-in and evening markets were cracked down and affected many restaurants, Chatalogplatform actively invited restaurants to collaborate and launch coupon vouchers. Chatalog wanted to help the industry to keep running and users enjoy good meals with discounts.

SP_CE Café & Lounge offered a $50 restaurant cash coupon and listed it on the platform at $450/set. All cash coupons were sold out within 1 week, and customers created new promotions immediately. When people use the “KOL Exclusive Link” to buy the cash coupons, KOLs earn a HK$45 commission.

“Business declined sharply because of Covid-19. Chatalog invited us to join the platform, and many foodies on the platform endorsed our cafe and sold 20 sets of cash coupons successfully in an instant. Our income returned and we are back on track.” — SP_CE Café & Lounge

🌟Sucess case 4:NMN Health and beauty industry

* Each KOL has a unique promotion link: https://bit.ly/3wx11Xl

NMN is composed of health professionals with many years of practical experience combined with comprehensive knowledge to develop the latest materials, entrust GMP and HACCP factories to manufacture, bring laboratory research to the market, and obtain a number of certifications to provide consumers with reasonable prices and high quality. They are more active in developing and manufacturing revolutionary supplements, and committed to scientifically improve health issues.

NMN promoted the healthcare products at a market price of HK$1,500 per box and they provided a 10% discount on the platform. Once a KOL sells a box of the products, they can earn HK$135 in commission. As a result, the KOL application rate reached 60% on the first day!

“Unlike other platforms, uploading a product on Chatalog costs nothing, and only charges a service fee when a deal is made. Besides, there are many different types of KOLs on the platform, and there are already 150+ KOLs who applied to our campaign on the first day, we really appreciate it!” — NMN

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