Digital technology has an incredibly impactful role in people’s lives nowadays, which enables merchants to set up various stores and sell products online. Social Media platforms have thus become the new frontier of brands and businesses’ advertising, making the Digital and Influencer/KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Marketing the latest global market trend. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, brands can get a rate of return of 5.2 times for every US$1 invested in Influencer Marketing. It is expected brands will spend as much as US$15 billion on KOL marketing in 2022.

How to utilize KOL Marketing as a strategy to increase your sales performance? Hong Kong’s first free product listing platform, Chatalog Affiliated Platform integrates the digital eCommerce and KOL network together. Chatalog can help Brands build up your revenue through the KOL network, allowing you to expand your personal brand exposure and business profit at the same time. Both merchants and influencers can enjoy maximum profit!

Table of Contents

  1. What is Chatalog Affiliated Platform?
  2. How can the Affiliated Platform benefit merchants and KOLs?
  3. Success Stories of Clients
  4. How to Sign Up?

What is Chatalog Affiliate Platform?

The Chatalog Affiliate Platform is the first free product listing eCommerce platform in Hong Kong, connecting multiple local SME merchants with over more than 300 KOLs. At zero cost, it only takes 5 minutes for merchants to upload products, and various KOLs including Internet celebrities, models, vloggers and artists, will immediately promote your products!

Research shows that consumers are 71% more likely to purchase products based on social media recommendations, and 81% of consumers have more trust in advice and information given by KOLs.

Simply “working with KOLs” is not a guarantee of success. Merchants need to use the right approach and tactics. Traditional KOL Marketing tactics advertise by delivering social media posts, but Affiliate Platforms made a breakthrough. After generating their own “KOL Exclusive Promotion Link”, KOLs can promote products via any social channels, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Live streaming, WeChat, Tiktok, etc.

  • 100+ brands: Art & Workshop, Beauty & Skin Care, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and more
  • 300+ KOLs: Art, Beauty, Blogging, Foodie, Entertainment, Sports, Outdoors and more

How can the Affiliate Platform benefit merchants and KOLs?

Merchants: Earn income with minimal cost, use the KOL networks to improve sales performance and brand exposure

Returns have always been the main premise of the Affiliate Platform. As we know, KOLs can be vital megaphones for brand messaging and the channel to reach out to more people. With an extensive influencer network on the platform, merchants can take the initiative to boost their brand awareness and drive sales performance at the same time. KOLs’ followers may become your customers too!

The eCommerce platform offers free product listing services. Merchants will only need to send out payments when a transaction is successfully done. That is, the commission payout to KOLs is given out according to actual sales results, helping merchants to enjoy the benefits of a KOL’s influence at a minimal cost. Also, all generated revenue and sales activity will be documented and tracked precisely on the platform, allowing buyers to monitor their business development effortlessly.

Using such a platform like Chatalog’s is indeed a two-way street, where brands and KOLs evaluate one another. When merchants look for a KOL to advertise their product and the KOL agrees to the deal, it means they also recognize your brand!

  • No registration fee, $0 listing fee
  • Per successful case: 10% for Chatalog fee, 10% for KOL commissions
  • 300+ KOL market, increase brand awareness
  • Financial transparency: turnovers and sales activity will be documented precisely on the platform

KOL: Comprehensive reward system , turn your influence into big money

KOLs have the unprecedented ability to connect to specific groups of consumers based on demographics and lifestyle choices. Quite a few internet celebrities are looking for additional jobs to earn extra income. However, they can only wait for a chance until brands approach them. There are also many ordinary girls that would like to dive into the KOL industry to become an influencer, but don’t know where to start. Chatalog can get your foot in the door. The Affiliate Platform welcomes all Internet celebrities, well-established or amateurs to register as KOLs. As long as you can help brands find their match in the market and generate successful transactions, you can earn at least a 10% in commission. Turn your influence into big money!

“Work more and earn more” is what we do on this platform. Chatalog has launched the perfect reward system, the “Amateur and KOL Reward Program” and “Chatalog Invitation Reward Program”. KOLs can win fabulous prizes such as iPhone 13 and cash coupons. The rewards systems aims to drive KOLs’ efforts and the sales performance results, achieving a win-win situation.

Amateur and KOL Reward Program” When KOLs’ commissions have accumulated to a specified level, they will respectively receive a reward for it. Once they got promoted to a higher level, they can get richer rewards! The Top KOL with commissions up to HKD$10,000 at the fastest can win a grand prize: an iPhone 13 512GB ( 1 quota only)!

Learn more:

“Chatalog Invitation Reward Program

From now until December 31, 2022, Chatalog platform users can earn additional commissions as long as they invite new brands or influencers to register and their friends successfully reach the specified sales amount! Learn more:

  • Earn passive income
  • Comprehensive prize system: Amateur and KOL reward program, Chatalog invitation reward program

Clients Success Stories

The Chatalog Affiliate Platform has driven more than HKD$100,000 in gross revenue in its first month.

Case 1 With a budget of HKD$1,000, the customer hopes to increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) on their website. After KOL promotions, the client reached the target CTR within five days, and they immediately created another event. For every CTR on the website, KOLs earn a $1 commission!

Case 2 A set of ArtecMed Covid-19 rapid test kits (10 pieces, market price of $1,000) is listed as $380/set on the Platform. After finding KOL matches and having their product advertised, 200 sets were sold on the first day, reaching $76,900 in sales in a single day. It allows KOLs to earn a $7,600 commission.

Case 3 Cafe “SP__CE Restaurant” sold a set of ten $50 cash coupons at a promotion price of $450 on the Platform. After KOL advertising, all coupon sets are sold out within one week, causing the restaurant to create a new event instantly.

How to register? Get to work now!

Join us as a Brand:

❶ Register

❷ Create an activity, enter detailed information like price, commission

❸ Matching KOL, it opens to all KOL applications

❹ Result analysis, get an instant view of sales performance, automatic split payment

Join us as an Influencer:

❶ Create an account

❷ Apply for jobs, browse job opportunities and apply by preferences

❸ Generate “Individual Promotion Links” to promote products

❹ Split payments, receive commissions automatically based on sales

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