A.I. Customer Service

Train your customized ChatGPT to Automate Customer Service!

With a few simple steps, you can upload documents or URL links and allow ChatGPT to learn relevant content, and integrate into WhatsApp as well as other communication channels. This can help you build an A.I., intelligent customer service to help you reply to customers accurately!

ChatGPT Answers FAQ

When customers ask about refunds, ChatGPT can refer to uploaded documents or URL links containing frequently asked questions, such as product return policies and terms and conditions, to provide immediate and accurate answers.

ChatGPT Marketing Assistant

By uploading information about a marketing campaign, such as the promotion period and details, a merchant can enable ChatGPT to automatically answer customer questions related to the campaign.

ChatGPT Sales Assistant

Merchants can upload their entire product catalog for ChatGPT to learn, allowing the AI to provide personalized recommendations to customers. When a customer makes a request, such as for a mobile phone with a better camera, ChatGPT can quickly compare all available products and recommend the best option from the merchant’s inventory.

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