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  1. NFTs are coming into Instagram
  2. WhatsApp Groups are getting an update: 2 GB file sharing, Reactions, Communities, and 512 people groups
  3. Messenger is coming up with ‘Recurring Notifications’
  4. AMBER Alerts is now launched on Instagram

NFTs are coming into Instagram

Instagram is currently exploring for ways to integrate NFTs onto their platform and enabling users to display them. Users will be able to connect their digital wallets to sell and mint the digital collectibles like Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, including some others that are coming soon. When the collectibles are shared, they will have a distinct effect, and both creator and owner of the collectible will be automatically tagged.

WhatsApp Groups are getting an upgrade: 2 GB file sharing, Reactions, Communities, and 512 people groups

WhatsApp are bringing a lot of changes and innovation for their app, and being more than just a simple text messaging app. You can now send Reactions with emojis to messages and share files that are up to 2 GB in size (previously the cap was 100 MB😱).

AGroups are also getting a new social experience—Communities! In Communities, smaller groups of a large community can come together under one umbrella and are facilitated for relevant features like Announcements. One example WhatsApp used was schools. “We think Communities will make it easier for a school principal to bring all the parents of the school together to share must-read updates and set up groups about specific classes, extracurricular activities, or volunteer needs.” People can also now have group calls with as much as 32 people, and administrators have stronger controls over the groups.

Messenger is coming up with ‘Recurring Notifications’

If you’re a brand doing business over on Meta platforms, get ready for Messenger’s upcoming Recurring Notifications. You can send these tailored messages to the customers that agree to receive them in intervals—Messenger allows you to choose between several timeframes from daily to monthly, and build deeper engagement with your customers. You can try out Recurring Notifications now as part of the free trial, and it will be charged for business premium later on.

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AMBER Alerts is now launched on Instagram

AMBER Alert is a feature that’s developed with the local law enforcement bodies aimed to aid situations of missing children. An alert includes photos, description and location of abduction alerts, and they are rare and specific to the search area. If you receive an Amber Alert, it means that there’s an active search for a missing child that’s currently going on near your vicinity.

Facebook has had AMBER Alert since 2015 and it has proven to be useful especially during the first few hours of the search, and since Instagram is a powerful platform based on photos, it will start rolling out to 25 countries in the coming weeks to Instagram as well.


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