“Why is nobody reading and interacting with my posts?” This is the question making content creators have countless sleepless nights. We understand that you have spent hours crafting a perfect post with the coolest storytelling. We feel your depression, since many of our customers had the same pain before joining Chatalog. The one common thing that is always being missed out among content creators, is eye-catching media. We have curated 3 basic tips in assisting you to hook viewers to stay longer on your posts, with the examples from some of the most popular Instagram accounts for your inspiration. Let’s go!

Table of Contents

  1. Tip 1: Strengthen the relevance towards target audience
  2. Tip 2: Deliver appetizer before the main dish
  3. Tip 3: Induce interest to call to action
  4. How to make viewers stay even longer

Tip 1: Strengthen the relevance towards target audience

Your product has a target audience, so as for marketing and community building. You don’t expect Apple to sell the value of Android, and vice versa! To increase the brand experience towards your target, we can’t stress enough on creating media that resonates with them. Social media marketing is indeed a psychological game, where viewers, the human, are naturally attracted to posts that they gain self-recognition or consensus to the materials that you’re posting.

SHEIN launches very successful hashtag marketing campaigns to gain loyal followers

Using the example of SHEIN shown above. Though SHEIN is a socially known ecommerce brand with over 20M followers, what makes this post more engagement than the rest of its account? Media production does take a crucial role here.

• Tap into trends: Natural creature protection has been a big topic besides human civilization. Fashion items are produced with a friendly agenda, so as for customers, many of whom are saying no to products made by endangered wild animals.

This was what happened in the comment section of the #sheincares post LOL

• Interaction with emojis: This is by far one of the most creative interaction approaches that our editors have seen! Gen Z and millennials nowadays can’t live without emoji, it’s simply fun, haha. Encouraging followers to comment by emojis allow them to be creative towards a creative marketing campaign.

• Fit expectation: Announcement on Story is an excellent way to drive followers to view the campaign’s results. It creates the FOMO effect – fear of missing out. Public announcements are transparent enough to let followers feel the fairness of the game, and would increase likelihood of them to participate in the next marketing campaigns.

You know what? Over 7,000 comments, full of emojis, within the first 12 hours! SHEIN 👗 🥳 👍

Tip 2: Deliver appetizer before the main dish

Using a metaphor of a new movie, a teaser triggers the emotion and wishes of prospects to go to the cinema, we mean, Netflix. The inner world of a reader would ask him/herself a couple things – what can I get to be more satisfied, what will make me feel happier, and what are the tangible benefits I can obtain.

A post won’t have space to explain the full story hyperactive like a 90-minute movie; 9 seconds is already quite impressive. An official statistic from Facebook recorded 1.7 seconds was the average time spent per post of a mobile user on Instagram. So, how to keep the media concise, but at the same time, being an appetizer to get more viewers to interact with the post or your business accounts, is crucial.

Captured from Instagram @freeguymovie

Free Guy, a sci-fi movie delayed for months, has been forced to shift to release from theatres to online due to the pandemic. They used a great amount of trailers for social media marketing. For one, their Instagram account @freeguymoive posted a few second clip with “You know what time it is?” voiced by the main character, Ryan Reynolds, to urge viewers to get tickets in the link in bio.

Captured from Instagram @revolutapp

Another example is Revolut, a mobile payment startup based in London, announced limited cards right before Christmas to make customers feel celebrated. This post offered a comment section for followers to place the emoji of their own country flag. This created a sense of patriotism, holiday season, and loyalty towards Revolut.

Tip 3: Induce interest to call to action

It’s not a secret that marketers are looking for leads through certain trackable call-to-actions or we generally type it as CTA. For those who’re new to marketing, a CTA is a prompt to encourage targets to do certain scripted actions, for example, to visit a webpage, leave a contact, purchase a product. Adding a relevant CTA to a post is a common practice.

An outperforming social media post resonates targets, by means of telling the exact challenge faced, the wished product that was long-awaited to buy, or a random kind of surprise that ones never dreamed of.

@6sixty8ight68 runs #68giveaway hashtag campaign with clear CTAs stated in one single image

There are 3 elements in placing CTAs.

• Neat: CTA should be just 1 or maximum 2. For instance, when you’re running a discount giveaway campaign, your CTA can be inviting followers to leave #chatalog to the comment session. Using our Chatalog solution, the discount that you’ve scheduled will be automatically sent into the DM inboxes for those who left the hashtag based on your call. WOW!

• Precision: It’s interesting that in a psychology practice, it is better to “order” someone do one small task explicitly, than asking for a favor which turns out to have a higher chance to receive an objection. So, be straightforward to state the precious actions, such as, link in bio, click to purchase, DM us for more.

@adobedesign ad makes clear on the outcome if a viewer click on Learn More CTA

• Urgency: Besides graphics, texts are another powerful symbol to transfer effective meaning. Some proven texts that you can use on Instagram posts are, limited edition, deadline, now, today. CTAs on advertisements also urge targets to do desired actions expected by marketers.

How to make viewers stay even longer?

We hope you have enjoyed our 3 basic tips, and would start applying them for your Instagram business accounts from today!

The question that you may have in mind right now is, what could I do after viewers leave a comment? We have a quick suggestion on replying to comments with trackable links, in order to increase viewers to engage with your brand on Instagram and beyond – like online stores, offline, and future posts.

The answer is chatalog, a powerful marketing tool for online businesses to deliver the right message to the right audience timely, from comment sections to DM inboxes with links to your websites! This is what many global fast-growing fashion and lifestyle brands are asking for, including SHIEN 👗 🥳 👍


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