From individual illustrators to multinational FMCG brands, an average Instagram user is consuming hundreds of random posts from these content creators. Many digital marketers of business accounts, including you, are searching for tips to increase the duration of viewers to stay longer to each post. What could be called a lucky day? Users go through your Instagram business profiles! Like your posts, leave a comment, or even purchase items by clicking the link to bio. Our editors have carefully curated 6 tips to increase the likelihood of positive engagement from random viewers. Along the way, let’s get inspired from the best examples.

Table of Contents

  1. Tip 1 for theme: Follow the hypes with other content creators
  2. Tip 2 for theme: Use Q&A to capture curiosity
  3. Tip 3 for theme: Generate resonance with festivals
  4. Tip 1 for posting: Emotional videos plus short copy
  5. Tip 2 for posting: Eye-catching pictures plus long copy
  6. Tip 3 for posting: Neat infographics with sliding
  7. Build your community

Tip 1 for theme: Follow the hypes with other content creators

Hype contents like memes stimulate excitement among Instagram users. They generate a lot of publicity without advertisement because users are more likely to press the like buttons and tag their friends in the comment section. These actions help a post become viral as Instagram ranks high engagement posts in the top position in the explore tab. Not only that, more relevant posts with the same hashtags will be generated in the explore tab too! With the help of smart algorithms by artificial intelligence, Instagram lets users access relevant posts based on history and one’s social networks.

In the December of 2019, Maurizio Cattelan and his gallery Perrotin displayed a banana tapped on the wall at Art Basel Miami Beach. The banana was being eaten in the exhibition and cost a ridiculous price of $120,000. Digital marketers leveraged the news to create fun posts in selling their products with a similar concept. Carrefour in France, IKEA in Slovakia, NTUC in Singapore were among those who followed this hype to share joy and drive engagement with social followers.

Tip 2 for theme: Use Q&A to capture curiosity

Humans are the creatures that naturally ask why. Having long-waited questions being answered is so fulfilling and surprising when browsing social media. As a content creator, you start from sourcing a list of inquiries from customers, including frequently asked questions, and value of your products.

Q&A posts usually start with a question in the first image, and answers to be revealed by scrolling

Together with graphics, your brand can clearly communicate the benefits of your products in solving targeted audiences’ problems. You offer a place of fantasy for users to foresee who and when to use the products. It’s a plus to encourage followers to leave questions too! Then you can use chatalog Bot to reply to inquiries automatically.

Tip 3 for theme: Generate resonance during festival seasons

New year, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, there are several regulated public holiday periods where humans have a higher desire to present gifts to their loved ones. Festivals are good reasons to let ourselves eat better, buy more, and relax outside of work. These seasons are the best opportunities for business owners to generate revenue, raise marketing awareness, and build interactions with fans.

Starbucks posts during Valentine’s Day and Christmas in the message of delivering thankfulness to the closed ones

Before the festival seasons, ship owners use discounts, VIPs, etc., to make people shop more delightful. However, there are also peak periods before them to spot new leads and convert online conversations with customers to buyers. You’re encouraged to check out chatalog for smart solutions.

Tip 1 for posting: Emotional videos plus short copy

According to Hootsuite, the posts with the highest interaction rate are video posts. Compared to text-based posts, videos have the advantage of bringing customers to understand the key characteristics of a product or service, the values, features, and how to operate them.

Videos with human faces have higher views because faces express emotion

Videos are more dynamic and could offer emotional touch to viewers. Formats in product demo, street interviews, customer comments, highlights of public events, are excellent examples to drive viewers’ attention. Short captions are suggested for emotional videos!

Tip 2 for posting: Eye-catching pictures plus long copy

Videos may be time-consuming to produce. So pictures could be a friendly format for social media content creators under time constraints. To increase the duration of impression, we suggest using storytelling to bring viewers into the picture.

Storytelling could feature the before and after of a happy customer

Storytelling in paragraphs gets readers to first learn the background, step-by-step activates the intention of buyers towards purchase. Data and evidence such as before and after strengthen the trustworthiness between readers and your brands.

Tip 3 for posting: Neat infographics with sliding

Instagram posts with more than one image have an average higher impression and engagement. An interesting fact is that if a post has 2 scrolling images, it’d show on the homescreen twice! As social media managers, we should leverage on this.

Infographics are excellent approaches that gain many users bookmark the posts. These posts are usually educational, breakdown specific concepts or tricks into less than 10 slides. Remember to design all images into the same color, tone, and font. Infographics, as the meaning of its word, are oriented by graphics, usually vector graphics and graphs for easy digestion.

Build your community

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