Facebook newly opened its Messenger API for Instagram to all on 2nd June, 2021. Chatalog has joined the discussion with Facebook team on developing this powerful feature to enhance the performance of Instagram Business accounts in verticals such as fashion and lifestyle. It’s an exciting time for us to share the timeline of the coverage of Messenger API for Instagram, so you know when to sign up for Chatalog to power up your IG businesses.  

Table of Contents

  1. Timeline of Instagram Messaging API
  2. Our IG solution advantages
  3. What to expect next?
  4. What are you waiting for?

Timeline of Instagram Messaging API

[Updated] Facebook newly opened its Messenger API for Instagram to all on 2nd June, 2021. The feature opens to all business IG accounts now. As one of facebook’s early partners, our solution is developed ahead of most of other developers, which has been adopted and recognized by ig brands successfully including sheinofficial, homemakase etc.  

Our IG solution advantages

1. IG Post auto-reply Direct Message boosts web traffic

One of the greatest headaches of IG owners is that they can hardly put a hyperlink on instagram post to drive their fans to their own websites. Our Poppy Bot allows you to set up keyword trigger to auto reply commenters with direct message. This feature certainly helps boost web traffic and your marketing ideas will no longer be limited by having a single website on your bio!  

2. Live Chat for agents to follow up enquiries

Imagine you are curating an auto reply giveaway campaign on Instagram. Right after you initiated the bot, you receive a lot of direct message reply from customers right after your auto-reply. Our solution provides you an intuitive interface that can set up auto-reply campaign and manage live chat conversations all-in-one.  

What to expect next?

1. Direct Message broadcast

Managing all the direct messages in the inbox is not easy, especially if you have a large customer base. With our upcoming direct message broadcast, you can save up more time to design on the re-engagement message to your existing customers and let our bot blast messages for you. Customers are auto-segmented and you can customize your own segment too!

2. Auto-reply Comment on comment

Other than auto-reply direct message that boosts click through rate of your website, you may also wish to make sure your potential customers notice your message. Our poppy bot will support auto-reply comment on comment soon! Stay tuned!  

What are you waiting for?

Outsource repetitive and boring messaging tasks to a smart bot, so you can focus on marketing the right products to the right customers. to Try out our solution now. =]
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