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Put Web/Live Chat on your webpage for free, answer customers’ questions anytime and anywhere, and extend the conversation to social platforms, keep in touch with customers, and grasp the sales opportunities brought by every message.


Why use chatalog Web/Live Chat?

Welcome message

When customers visit the webpage, welcome them with a customized message to increase the success rate of sales conversion.

Direct sales through chat

Link to the product catalog, and customers can place orders directly through the conversation.

Support multi-members login

Manage conversations with team members simultaneously, answer customer questions in the same chat room, and provide comprehensive support. chatalog also supports mobile applications, allowing you to handle inquiries anytime, anywhere.

Report and Analysis

Provide contact information and performance reports, allowing businesses to evaluate based on comprehensive data.

chatalog will help you convert more sales

Other Web/Live Chat chatalog Web/Live Chat
Chatbot auto-reply
Support mobile app to reply messages
Payment function
Integrate third-party software
Detailed data analysis and report
Centralize conversations on Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

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Web/Live Chat is an online chat room tool that can be placed on a webpage, allowing customers to contact you anytime and anywhere. You can also set up an automatic reply chatbot to quickly answer questions anytime, help you to promote  and create a better customer experience.

Yes, just register chatalog account, you can review and customize your own Web/Live Chat tool.

You can click here to directly sign-up for a chatalog account, and follow the instructions to connect your Website, the process will take within 10 minutes. Setting up web chat plugin for your website is easy. Just embed the code into the corresponding position to allow your customers to chat with you on their preferred channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or directly on the chat plugin.

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