Leads + Sales Generator

Create instant marketing outcomes. Leverage messaging channels to directly convert conversations into sales.

Messaging is the new way to sell.

1 X
Open rates compared to EDM
0 %
Click rates if the messages are personalized
1 X
CPA return using direct payment links

Promotional broadcasts

Send promotional campaigns to all channels in bulk. Blast newsletters, season promotions, flash offers, limited-time launches, event updates, and more.

Personalize your message

Create a personal message for each audience using a label. Messages that are personalized would result in >80% increase in click rates.

Measure Performance

Track key performance indicators like sent, opened, replied, and click-through rates.

98% of first-time visitors do not finish the purchase on the first engagement. Use messaging to connect with them and win them over.

Surprise your loyal customers

Push a discount code to your most valuable customers for re-purchase

Promote a seasonal offer

Push a seasonal offer to those contacts who have expressed an interest in related product before

Suggest more options

For those who are still considering to purchase, actively suggest more options for them to win them over
From “Hi” to “Buy”

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