Powerful integration to empower your all-in-one contact center solution
Chatalog supports many enterprise-grade integrations for various business needs, including AI, Data Analytics, CRM, eCommerce and many more.

WhatsApp Business (Official API)

Chatalog is the Official Business Solution Provider (BSP) of Meta to integrate with Whatsapp for Business API (WABA)

Facebook Messenger

Integration with Facebook Messenger (Official API)

Instagram Business

Integration with Instagram Business (Official API)


Integration with WeChat Official Account

LINE Business

Integration with LINE Business (Official Account)


Integration with Telegram channels


Integration with SMS to broadcast messages to subscribers.

Instagram Post Comment Auto-Reply

Automated reply to post comments on Instagram

IG Live Auto-Reply

Automated reply to comments during IG Live.

Facebook Post Comment Auto-reply

Automated reply to post comments on Facebook.

Natural Language Processing

Powerful AI-enabled Virtual Assistant capability to enable deep understanding of user’s inquiries.

Image Recognition

Integrate with Image Recognition API to detect objects and suggest relevant products or services.

Speech Recognition

Identify your speech and transcribe it to text for NLP analysis.

Call Center System Integration (Genesis, Twilio)

Integrate with the call center solutions to provide a seamless customer support experience to users.

Booking System Integration

Connect the flow to Booking Systems to automate the reservation process.

Coupon Redemption Integration

Curate marketing campaigns with coupon redemption in automated conversations.

Event Booking Integration

Book Events in chat flow through integration.

Salesforce Integration

Store and retrieve data with your Salesforce CRM

Oracle Siebel Integration

Engage your customers and record it on Oracle Siebel CRM

Shopify Integration

Integrate with Shopify to boost online store revenue.

WooCommerce Integration

Drive more sales by integrating WooCommerce online stores.

Magento Integration

Drive sales conversion through conversation with Magento integration.

WordPress Integration

Let chatbot conversation interact with your WordPress website!

Tableau Integration

Integrate with Tableau for sophisticated data analysis.

PowerBI Integration

Visualize your conversational data empowered by PowerBI

Custom Chatbot App (iOS / Android)

Deliver diversified conversational touchpoints by embedding chatbot to a custom application.

Personal Data Masking

Mask personal data to ensure compliance to privacy regulations.

Chat History Backup & Export

Export full chat log for record and analysis.

Analytics Data Export

Export conversational data analytics for continuous user experience improvement.
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