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ChatGPT AI can help you automatically write articles, accurately reply to customers, and automate multi-platform marketing!

Using ChatGPT’s AI technology, automated chatbots help you easily solve customer problems, assist with writing marketing content, and can market on multiple platforms. This will effectively improve team efficiency and help merchants convert more turnover!


Why choose chatalog's ChatGPT?

AI writing function

Chatalog has integrated the latest version of the ChatGPT capabilities. Using this technology we can extract large amounts of data and in return can write paragraphs or articles in seconds.

You can customize content by simply selecting the category of the article, key points, the exact word count, and tone. The categories of communication include marketing purposes, customer service, social media (Instagram/Facebook posts), email marketing, food review articles, SEO, product descriptions, etc. This is not limited to language.

AI customer service function

Users can upload files and add website links to the chatalog system in order to learn relevant information. For a specific search, ChatGPT can provide accurate answers and explanations in real time based on uploaded information added which will allow customer service to be automated. The function is widely used for customers who are looking for product information, manuals, or even the entire website.

AI multi-platform marketing

Using chatalog’s AI text writing and automatic push function, you can send mass promotional messages on multiple communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. This is to let customers know about your latest marketing materials. Chatalog’s (CRM) customer management system can even automatically tag customers, allowing you to know the customer’s reaction instantly.

Multi-device login

Team members can log in simultaneously and manage customer inquiries. Meta (official partner of Chatalog) integrates inboxes from multiple communication platforms so the customer service correspondence can manage conversations anytime, anywhere.


Chatalog’s ChatGPT function is open to all countries and can be used anytime and anywhere

Chatalog’s ChatGPT fees are as low as $399/month and are limited to 10,000 words.

$1999/month for unlimited words, please visit the pricing page (URL) for details.

There is no additional charge for pushing messages through Facebook/Instagram, but there are additional charges for WhatsApp push messages. For details, please visit the pricing page (URL).

You can try the ChatGPT function at $399/month. For details, please visit the pricing page (URL). 

The fundamental difference between chatalog and Chatgpt lies within the AI writing function. 

On the chatalog system, there are multiple ready-to-use templates to use, and can be used instantly.

Chatalog is automatically updated to the latest version of ChatGPT to ensure that ChatGPT’s learning ability is the most advanced.

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