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Connect GPT into omni-channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and more. Simply upload files to teach GPT about your company. Even during the weekends or your team is unavailable after office-hours, GPT can help you answer global customers or even help you close sales/deals!

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Why chatalog - 24/7 GPT bot?

AI Writing

Create content with ChatGPT by simply selecting a template, filling in key points and details. chatalog supports diversified templates, such as social media post content, eDM (e-mail direct marketing), SEO articles and more. No VPN is needed to use such functions!

AI Customer Service

Train your own customized ChatGPT assistant by simply uploading files to chatalog, then connect to WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and more…No coding is required.

AI multi-platform marketing

Connect GPT into omni-channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and more. Apart from the ChatGPT auto-reply functions to answer inquiries, you could use the ChatGPT AI writing function together with the automatic push function to send mass promotional messages.

Multi-member login

Team members can log in simultaneously and manage customer inquiries through chatalog Website or Mobile App. chatalog, as a Meta Official partner, integrates inboxes from multiple communication platforms to allow team to manage conversations at one-stop.


Chatalog’s ChatGPT function is open to all countries and can be used anytime and anywhere

Chatalog’s ChatGPT fees are as low as HKD $399/month and are limited to 10,000 words.

HKD $1999/month for unlimited words, please visit the pricing page for details.

There is no additional charge for pushing messages through Facebook/Instagram, but there are additional charges for WhatsApp push messages. For details, please visit the pricing page.

You can try the ChatGPT function at HKD $399/month. For details, please visit the pricing page

The fundamental difference between chatalog and ChatGPT lies within the AI writing function. 

On the chatalog system, there are multiple ready-to-use templates to use, and can be used instantly.

Chatalog is automatically updated to the latest version of ChatGPT to ensure that ChatGPT’s learning ability is the most advanced.

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