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Chatbots are a great tool to help your business automate simple workflows in a friendly and conversational manner. You can build a chatbot using our drag-and-drop Chatbot Creator Studio in 3 minutes!

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Qualified leads generation
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Inquiries handled by our chatbot annually

Tailor your customer conversations with Chatalog’s custom chatbots

Engage visitors in seconds with specific welcome interactions. Quickly guide the user to explore and shop.

Right conversation for each situation

Many brands are overwhelmed by customer’s messages from many channels. Utilize our custom chatbots to provide a guided interaction to each customer, and help them understand your products.

Deliver more qualified leads for your sales team

Chatlog’s custom chatbots can turn interest into pipelines by pre-qualifying the customers, and asking them to provide relevant information for your sales team to follow up. More meaningful conversations mean more qualified leads.

Instant, 24/7 support using your codeless workflows

Use custom chatbots to handle routine tasks immediately so your team can focus on more complex ones with greater customer impact.

The Chatbot Creator Studio supports many message elements, such as messages, images, carousel templates, condition funnel, and more.

Seamless routing to teams

Depending on the inquiry scenario, you can route the customers to the right teams for immediate follow-up via live chat.

Built-in chatbot template library

Make use of our tailored sample blueprint as the base for building your branded chatbot interactions.
Make reservations via WhatsApp
Ask customers to leave contact information
Send campaign codes or discount links
Sell products and payment links
Redirect the conversation to support or sales teams
Restaurant menu and booking
General appointment booking
Schedules sales meeting
Perform a survey

Build your chatbots to qualify leads and answer pre-sales inquiries 24x7

Workflow builder

Design workflows that best meet your business needs

Qualify leads

Provide instant pre-sales support and turn them into qualified leads


Deploy the same pre-sales or after-sales workflows across all channels
From “Hi” to “Buy”

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