360° Customer View

It is difficult to keep track of the contacts across different channels. Our 360° Customer View allows your business to organize all your contacts in the same place, and much more.

A single contact list containing every customer’s information and labeling

Manage your contacts. Perform segmentation and run targeted campaigns.

CRM for your contacts

All your contacts from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are centralized. You can group your customers based on any custom labels, channels, and purchasing behaviors.

Segmentation and Targeting

Label your VIP customer in Team Inbox, highlight qualified leads for a certain product, or automatically tag customers using Chatbot. You can perform tailored segmentation according to your business needs.

Track your customers’ activities

Keep track of how your business engages with customers on different messaging touchpoints.

Chat is the new way to sell, it is time to have a CRM for all your customers from chat.

360° Customer View

Understand your customers from all messaging touchpoints

Segmentation and Targeting

Group your customers into meaningful segments and perform personalized campaigns.

Track your customers’ activities

See how your customers engage with you via chats.
From “Hi” to “Buy”

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