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What are the benefits of chatalog - 24/7 GPT bot?

Connect ChatGPT to your WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc., automate customer enquiries, answer global customers 24/7 and drive more sales.

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Code-free, VPN-free

In order to set up ChatGPT customer service, you simply have to upload relevant documents and websites onto chatalog, and chatalog will take care of the rest.

Support Multi-Languages

chatalog leverages ChatGPT’s functionality to support multiple languages, which can be used in generating content and handling global customers in multiple languages.

24/7 Customer Service

With chatalog – 24/7 GPT bot, you can be earning while asleep. The bot will answer inquiries base on the information provided by your brand only, ensuring high accuracy response.

When the inquiries is out of scope, it will not make-up any answers, instead, it will clarify customer needs, so live agent can follow-up when online.

Manage Conversations at 1-Stop

Connect your inboxes to chatalog – 24/7 GPT bot, not only could you see all conversations at 1-stop, you could have a 360° view of your customer with smart auto-labelling and tagging. For instance, you could sort out the high potential customers to further engage with them.

24/7 Salesperson

chatalog’s ChatGPT is active 24/7, which means you can be earning while asleep. By simply typing out a prompt, a clear detailed set of instructions, to ChatGPT, it will be able to handle customer enquiries and act as your personalized professional sales assistant. This will effectively reduce cost of training a sales assistant.


Chatalog’s ChatGPT function is open to all countries and can be used anytime and anywhere

Chatalog’s ChatGPT fees are as low as HKD $399/month and are limited to 10,000 words. HKD $1999/month for unlimited words, please visit the pricing page for details.
There is no additional charge for pushing messages through Facebook/Instagram, but there are additional charges for WhatsApp push messages. For details, please visit the pricing page.
You can try the ChatGPT function at HKD $399/month. For details, please visit the pricing page The fundamental difference between chatalog and ChatGPT lies within the AI writing function.  On the chatalog system, there are multiple ready-to-use templates to use, and can be used instantly.

Chatalog is automatically updated to the latest version of ChatGPT to ensure that ChatGPT’s learning ability is the most advanced.

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