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Engage with 3 Billion+ Facebook users, Set up chatbot in post, live or inbox, enabling instant reply to customer inquiries. Effectively increase reach and interaction, and convert more sales!  turnover!


Why use chatalog Facebook?

Report and Analysis

Provide contact information and performance reports, allowing businesses to evaluate based on comprehensive data

Direct sales through chat

Link to the product catalog, and customers can place orders directly through the conversation.

chatalog will help you convert more sales

Using Facebook Using Facebook via chatalog
Chatbot auto-reply including post, live, inbox
Schedule Broadcast Messages via Facebook Messenger
Payment Link
Add Facebook Messegner chat widget to website
Integrated third party software including online shop
Detailed data analysis and report
Centralize conversations on Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, etc.

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Start a Facebook Business Page with a personal account or upgrade a personal fan professional to a business one. You can also use commercial chat rooms to help merchants reply to customer messages, and use private and business accounts alternately.

  1. No, anyone can create and use an Facebook professional account.
You can click here to directly sign-up for a chatalog account, and follow the instructions to connect your Facebook, the process will take within 10 minutes.

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