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Create payment links for the most popular messaging channels
From “Hi” to “Buy”, you can now get paid directly within WhatsApp, IG, and FB. Generate unique payment links and share them with customers on live chat, chatbot, or broadcasts.

Supporting the following payments on WhatsApp, IG, and FB

How it works

“Hi” to “Buy” - complete the whole customer journey on chat, from engagement to live chat to payment, powered by Chatalog.

Connect with your favorite payment gateways

We partner with AsiaPay and Airwallex to deliver world-class payment solutions to the most popular messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Create instant payment links in chats

Create payment links for your product and share them with your customers via live chat or chatbot instantly.

Get paid instantly, 24X7

Collect payment automatically by integrating payment links with the Chatbot Creator Studios, where you can build workflows that complete the booking and payment journeys with customers using chatbots.

Messenging is the new way to sell.

You can run your business on chats – handling pre-sales inquiries, re-engaging with interested buyers, to enabling payments. Our payment links are powered by world-class payment solution partners:
From “Hi” to “Buy”

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