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Jadelamm & jadellery.

The story of Jadellery. - a jewellery brand founded by the famous beauty and fashion KOL Jade Lam

The famous beauty and fashion KOL Jade Lam, has established her own jewellery brand named Jadellery. in 2021.

(1)Introduced products to audience with IG live Chatbot. With custom keywords triggering auto-reply and interacting with customers immediately, the sales successfully raised.

(2) Sent purchase reminders using the Broadcast function to retarget the audiences and conduct secondary interaction with potential customers.

(3)Hosted Giveaway for customers via IG Story. When customers share the brand product and tag its IG page on IG Story, chatbot could automatically record the customer and send a $300 shopping rebate

The IG Live campaign with chatbot managed to drive much engagements. Jadellery. therefore set up 2 additional IG Live events subsequently within a week.

Achievements in a 2-hour IG live
chatbot triggers
+ 0
chatbot auto reply
0 %
Sales Figure
+ 0 %

Brand name: Jadellery.
Service: Instagram Chatbot, KOL Live
Platform: Instagram

Jadellery is a diamond jewellery brand founded by the famous beauty KOL Jade Lam, with Instagram as the major sales channel.

(1) Co-Live Comment ❤️/Product No. Drive traffic to WhatsApp and increase sales directly

(2) Broadcast shopping messages.
to retarget audiences automatically

(3)IG Story Giveaway to reward customers

Advantages of Instagram Chatbots

  1. Reply to any messages automatically💬
  2. Ease transition from livestream sale to website🛍️
  3. Multi-format content; carousels and stylised buttons🔘
  4. Auto-share special giveaway offers from IG Story tagging🎁
  5. Link commenting customers to website checkout🚪
  6. Interact and engage with customers further with unique content🎏

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