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As the most widely used instant messaging application worldwide, WhatsApp has also launched WhatsApp Business, which helps businesses manage customer relationships. What’s the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business? What types of businesses and enterprises should look out for WhatsApp Business? Read om to learn how to use a WhatsApp Business account to communicate more effectively with customers through its comprehensive functions.

As reported by Statista, WhatsApp, with up to 2 billion monthly active users, is already the world’s number one instant messaging software. In addition to supporting real-time sending of multimedia messages and voice or video calls via the Internet, WhatsApp has gradually replaced traditional communication tools such as SMS and e-mail. Statistics from DIGITAL 2022: Hong Kong also pointed out that the monthly active users of WhatsApp in Hong Kong amount to approximately 5.94 million, accounting for 84.3% of the total social platform user population.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook (Meta) in 2014, and the public can use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Mesenger for free. In view that there are more businesses employing WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API were launched in 2018 to make it easier for businesses to contact customers.

In Hong Kong, WhatsApp has become the best instant messaging software for businesses to handle customer service or promote marketing activities. Statistics 2022 also pointed out that nearly 50 million businesses have now used WhatsApp Business to handle business work, because instant messaging applications allow consumers to contact and transact with store owners or businesses more flexibly.

And chatalog’s one-stop omni-channel customer communication business software is the best software to help businesses and enterprises handle customers and marketing. In addition to WhatsApp Business API, it also integrates instant messaging software such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Web Widget so that businesses can manage and reply to all messages on one platform. Other advanced functions, such as chatbot(Chatbot)、Automatic labeling of messages(Labelling)、Automatic reply and streaming(Assign)、simultaneous reply by multiple people(Multi-login)、recording customer information in CRM help merchants to deal with customers coming from multiple channels more conveniently.

WhatsApp for Personal Use

WhatsApp for Personal Use refers to the instant messaging tool used by ordinary users in daily life. Internet users can use it for free by connecting to Wi-Fi or data network.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is also a free service. Users only need to download the WhatsApp Business from the App Store to apply for and verify a business account with their phone number. Businesses can display relevant business information on their WhatsApp business accounts, and there are more WhatsApp Business functions to explore!

In terms of login, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp initially only supported users to log in on one mobile phone and one computer at the same time. However, now WhatsApp Business supports users to log in on up to five devices at the same time, meaning you can log in to the account on one mobile phone and four other electronic devices. For detailed instructions,click here. Therefore, it is convenient for start-ups or small businesses to handle business work.

Create catalog function (Catalog)

The catalog function of WhatsApp Business has already been launched in Europe, America, Indonesia and India, and users in Hong Kong can also use the Catalog function now. The “Catalogue Management Tool Catalog” of the WhatsApp business account allows businesses to upload product or service information, including descriptions, pictures, prices, website links and product codes. The current WhatsApp Catalog allows businesses to upload up to a total of 500 products.

Customers can browse businesses’ catalogs, contact the business immediately if they are interested, and share the relevant products with friends. Businesses can also share the link of the catalog to social media platforms, thus increasing the exposure rate of the product and allowing customers to learn more about the details of each product.

Company’s Introduction (Business Profile)

Businesses can display company information on WhatsApp Business, including profile, address and business hours. Set clear business hours and automatic “offline reply”, and so even if customers inquire during the break time, they can still get a simple reply, reducing related customer service complaints.

Automatic reply function (Auto-Reply)

WhatsApp Business has two auto-reply features: Offline Messages and Greeting Messages. Enterprises and businesses can set real-time automatic replies, such as greetings, quick replies, offline or busy messages, which can help reduce the inconvenience caused by manual responses and customers can get basic automatic replies during non-office hours.

Categorized Groups (WhatsApp Groups)

WhatsApp Business allows businesses to classify customers into different groups according to their characteristics, so that they can send appropriate information to different customer groups more effectively.

Data Analysis (Analysis)

WhatsApp Business can view statistics on the number of messages, including the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received, allowing businesses to calculate customer conversion rates (conversion rate) and plan future marketing strategies.

Broadcast function (Broadcast Message)

WhatsApp Business shares a similar function with that of WhatsApp for personal use. Businesses can send group messages by creating broadcast list contacts. However, it should be noted that when broadcasting messages through these two accounts, the recipient must have saved your phone number in the mobile phone address book, and each group message can only be sent to a maximum of 256 contacts. In contrast, the broadcast message function of the WhatsApp Business API has fewer restrictions, and more types of messages can be sent. Find out about WhatsApp Broadcast now!

Stickers for WhatsApp

‍WhatsApp Sticker is one of the most popular WhatsApp features, WhatsApp Business users can also use this feature to promote more interesting communication with customers. It is easy for everyone to find a website to download WhatsApp stickers for free, and it is not difficult to make your own stickers. WhatsApp users can create their own unique stickers on Web WhatsApp.

How to hack a disabled WhatsApp?

The way for WhatsApp Business to block an account is the same as the method adopted on WhatsApp for personal use. Users can directly enter the Profile page to block the contact number. But what if the WhatsApp Business account is officially disabled by WhatsApp? How do businesses get back their company WhatsApp Business account? ‍

If WhatsApp Business is disabled by WhatsApp, it means that the business account has been deactivated. Businesses can no longer use WhatsApp Business Account normally and chatrooms can no longer be accessed. How can we re-access a disabled WhatsApp account? Click here for detailed explanations.

WhatsApp Business API Features

WhatsApp Business API is suitable for medium or large businesses. This WhatsApp official business account can accommodate unlimited team users to log in and process messages at the same time, and also has chatbot (chatbot) automatic reply keywords, cloud backup contacts and conversation data, mass broadcast messages and other functions. However, it must be noted that the WhatsApp Business API requires collaboration with an official third-party service provider recognized by WhatsApp (such as chatalog customer communication commercial software) to use the above functions. For details, please refer to the article “WhatsApp Business API Tutorial”!


Additionally, WhatsApp has certain requirements for businesses who use WhatsApp Business API. Users who apply for an API account need to be authenticated by Facebook Business Manager and have a valid phone number before they can apply for a WhatsApp Business API account through chatalog. Merchants must also abide by the rules for sending messages. Businesses can refer to the article “WhatsApp Business API Charging Model” to learn more about the way they charge.

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chatalog's WhatsApp Business API service

chatalog provides a complete WhatsApp Business API application service, a single software can allow multiple people to log in, process and reply to the same WhatsApp Business message. We are an official WhatsApp Business API supplier, providing official WhatsApp Business API services and related functions. For more details on the WhatsApp Business API charging model, please refer to the “WhatsApp Business API charging model” blog. In addition, chatalog also provides a one-stop omni-channel, automated customer communication platform, allowing your sales team to manage different instant messaging software in one interface, including WhatsApp Business API, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and so on.

In addition to integrating different third-party instant messaging softwares, you can also set up regular messages, divert customers, use automatic chatbots to automatically reply, provide complete data analysis, just to name a few. Our comprehensive functions will help you formulate more effective marketing strategies.

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