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As of January 2023, WhatsApp is the most popular social media with the most active users around the globe. WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to contact a large group of customers with ease, automates tailored personalized services to each customer. The WhatsApp Business API has more and comprehensive functions catered to businesses than WhatsApp Business accounts. Therefore, a lot of businesses in Hong Kong have adapted using WhatsApp Business API.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is the WhatsApp official Business solution, which is a series of API code. Therefore, there is no interface provided to enterprises to use directly. Through using a specific WhatsApp Business API service provider platform, enterprises can use WhatsApp to interact with customers directly and increase contacts with customers to increase sales. Enterprise can use interface tools of WhatsApp business official providers or develop their own control interface.

chatalog is one of official WhatsApp API providers, besides assisting businesses apply for WhatsApp Business API, chatalog also provides their exclusive control interface along with web and applications. Enterprises don’t need any coding and software development skills, and still can directly utilize all functions of WhatsApp Business API.

History of WhatsApp Business API

Differences between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp officially has 3 versions: WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business focuses on better handling WhatsApp conversations with customers, enterprises download WhatsApp Business for free in order to contain their additional features such as business account, scheduling broadcasting message, default preset reply, etc. WhatsApp Business API targets medium-small to large enterprise’ needs, it has features such as multiperson login, 24/7 automatic replise, broadcasting messages, payment links and more exclusive functions. The table below shows the difference between different WhatsApp versions: 

WhatsApp WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business API
Suitable For
Personal account
Micro-enterprise/small business
Small and Medium Enterprise/Large-scale Enterprise
Account Number
1 Person
1 Person
No Limit
Schedule Broadcast Messages
Have Limit
No Limit
Conversation chat backup
One Mobile Device
One Mobile Device
Store at chatalog, multiple devices can have backup at the same time
Payment link function
Green Tick verification
Integrated third party software
Detailed data analysis and report
Premium CRM system
Application method
Apply to official WhatsApp API providers

WhatsApp Business API Features

WhatsApp Business API has features of both WhatsApp Business and API, however, it can be directly downloaded from App Store of Google Play. It must be obtained through official WhatsApp Business API providers who will link API to a third party platform, it can then be used for WhatsApp conversation, customize broadcasting messages, improve customer experience, and translate into more sales. 

Allow Multiple Logins simultaneously

WhatsApp Business only allows one mobile phone and four more devices to login simultaneously. Additionally, if the main device has not been logged in for over 14 days, other devices will be automatically logged out. This is greatly inconvenient for a sales team and may cause some messages unattended to. Using chatalog’s control panel that is linked to WhatsApp API, multiple team members can log into chatalog application and its web version at the same time, replying to customers using the same WhatsApp phone number. 

WhatsApp Business API allows multiple members to login at the same time and reply with the same phone number, it can also quickly assign conversations to any team member or teams, without WhatsApp Business’ limitation of logging in at most four devices. Team leaders can also see the performance of their own teams and continue replying to customers.

Broadcasting messages

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business can only support broadcasting messages to at most 256 WhatsApp users, and users have the enterprise’s phone number saved in order to receive the message which is inconvenient. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API does not have a limit, through payment, enterprises can send WhatsApp messages to large numbers of customers, getting in contact with millions of customers in one go! Businesses have to submit a template message and request for approval, after obtaining WhatsApp’s approval, businesses can send the broadcasting message, which is not limited to number of customers. Businesses can utilize chatalog’s automatic customer labeling functions, and based on business needs to further define customer segmentation. Later on, businesses can broadcast relevant promotional messages to specific customer groups.  From 2023 July onwards, WhatsApp Business API has a conversation fee. WhatsApp will collect fees based on conversation by businesses, within 24 hours, the same type of messages will be considered as one conversation fee, click here for more details.  Personalization to customers is important, and using template messages can do so. Template messages have three different types: text messages template, multimedia messages template and interactive messages template. chatalog provides several message templates and variables, allowing messages to be more personalized with customer name, email, membership number, etc. Beside text message templates, businesses can also create multimedia message templates which include photos, making the messages more attractive and interactive. The following paragraph introduces interactive messages. 

WhatsApp Business API exclusive Interactive Messages

Interactive Message can be separated into two types: List Message and Reply Button. Each List Message can at most have 10 options, customers can select options based on their needs, while reply buttons have at most 3 buttons per message, each button’s text can not be longer than 20 words to ensure the message of each button is easy to understand and clear. 

Using interactive messages reduces the time needed to understand customer inquiries, customers can also obtain a faster response, automating the process. Combined with chatalog’s chatbot, directing customers to search and shop. If needed, customers will be directed to team members for further follow up. 

Third-party systems integration

WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with other third-party systems, chatalog supports the integration of systems based on the needs of businesses to fulfill their business needs. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, CRM, eCommerce, etc. For instance, chatalog can link with Shopify website system to increase business revenue, it can also integrate with Magneto and WooCommerce to increase more sales through conversations. 

Additionally, WhatsApp eShop can be created via chatalog’s WhatsApp Business API control panel with ease, allowing customers to access product catalog and directly purchase. 

Green Tick Badge

WhatsApp Business API provides WhatsApp official business accounts, certifies business brands, and ensures customers about the brand. WhatsApp Business API users can apply for a green tick badge, to indicate that it is a WhatsApp official approved brand. The green tick badge will appear next to the WhatsApp business contact which will highlight how trusted the brand is.   

WhatsApp Business API also has an interface for business profiles, which displays the company name, brand description, company address, company email, etc. Customers can see the business profile as well as the green tick, allowing them to shop knowing the brand is well-established and trusted.

Cloud Storage

WhatsApp Business API will store customer information in the company’s cloud storage, storing customer conversations and information. This is much safer than storing in WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business API stores two types of message types: normal conversation messages such as text, images, stickers, and also WhatsApp approved template messages. 


No, businesses can use chatalog chatbot will use keyword detection function to reply automatically.

Yes, when using WhatsApp Business API broadcasting function, businesses can only broadcast template messages that are approved by WhatsApp.

Yes, template messages can contain emojis and symbols. 

Besides the fee for the official WhatsApp WhatsApp solution provider, WhatsApp Business API also has a conversation fee, click here for payment details.

You can click here to directly sign-up for a chatalog account, and follow the instructions to connect your WhatsApp number, the process will take within 15 minutes.

Yes, each WhatsApp Business API account has at most 250 template messages.‍

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