WhatsApp is one of the most used social media around the globe, there are over 2 billion active users and is often used for e-commerce and businesses to contact customers. In order to initiate any conversation, you must first add the customer’s phone number, which is a tedious process. 

However, there is another way to start a WhatsApp conversation without adding contact is using WhatsApp Links. This feature is especially useful for business users for easy communication with customers, read the following and master WhatsApp Link. 

What is WhatsApp Link?

WhatsApp Link allows businesses to begin a chat with customers without needing to add their phone number in contacts and vice versa.

Set-up WhatsApp Link

How to create a WhatsApp Link without any message?

By setting up WhatsApp Link, business users can easily communicate and chat with customers. In order to set up a WhatsApp Link, you simply have to type as follows:
“ code + your phone number”.


Any zeroes in country code should be omitted and brackets and dashes should be omitted when typing in your phone number to the WhatsApp Link.

Whenever your customers press on that link, they will be able to contact you directly without the need of adding your phone number.

Another way of creating a WhatsApp Link is using “ code + your phone number”.


Using the WhatsApp Link with “api.whatsapp” can only be opened using the Whatsapp App. On the other hand, the link can be opened on Whatsapp Web as well as the app itself.

Opening a WhatsApp Link that does not have a prefilled message

How to create a WhatsApp Link with a pre-filled message?

For more customization, you can add a pre-filled message so once the customer clicks on the link, a message will be sent to the business automatically to start the conversation. Simply type as follows: “ code + phone number?text=customized message”. 


Opening a WhatsApp Link that has a prefill message

How to set-up WhatsApp Link with WhatsApp Business?

You can also create WhatsApp Links directly for WhatsApp Business users. You can go to “Settings”, click on Business Tools and click on Short Link.

You can then copy the link, and even add a custom message. It is worth noting that this feature, however, is only available on WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business users can also generate a QR code here which will allow customers to scan the QR code and start the WhatsApp conversation.

Steps on how to create WhatsApp Link in WhatsApp Business

2023 WhatsApp Link Generator

There are many WhatsApp Link Generators on the market today. One of the more well-known one is You can enter your phone number and enter the prefilled message, the output will be displayed on the screen for visualization as well. After you have clicked on “generate my”, you will get a customized for your business.  
Creating WhatsApp Link using

These tools can help users generate the links easier and reduce the possibility of typos, resulting in less leads. Additionally, the links created using WhatsApp Link Generators are shorter and QR codes can be generated.

Where to use WhatsApp Link

Instagram Stories

When posting on Instagram Stories, you can also add WhatsApp Links onto the stories by clicking on the Stickers button and selecting the Link sticker. You will be able to type your WhatsApp Link which will allow Instagram to create a clickable link for customers. By adding the WhatsApp Link on Instagram Stories, customers will be able to inquire about your services and products via WhatsApp and not just through IG Direct.

Steps to add WhatsApp Link to Instagram Story

Facebook/Instagram Advertisement

Similarly, when creating call to action Facebook or Instagram advertisements, you can add your WhatsApp Link as a means of communication. Anyone who is interested will be able to directly contact your business by pressing on the link, without the need to exchange phone numbers. This gives customers another channel to contact your business beyond just Messenger and IG Direct.

QR code for offline promotion

After creating the WhatsApp link, you can then turn the link into a QR code which can be added to posters for promotion. For example, businesses can start a promotional event where the customer has to scan the QR code, answer some questions and get a free good. They will be able to do so by scanning the QR code and businesses will be able to gain new leads via this approach.

Broadcasting using WhatsApp Link

You are able to broadcast a custom message by simply typing the following: “ message”. You will then have to choose which contact you would like to send the message to.
Broadcasting a message using WhatsApp Link

Limitations of WhatsApp Link

Even after having the customers to contact via WhatsApp, businesses still have to follow up on the conversations manually. It takes time and manpower to answer and understand every single customer inquiry since each inquiry is different and unique. There may be human error in providing the correct information. Customers may have to wait for a long time before receiving an answer from the business if there are too many inquiries or during weekends and non-business hours. This will greatly reduce the chance of them purchasing the goods or services.

The broadcasting function using WhatsApp Link is limited where you can’t select a selected group of customers and you will have to hand pick which customers you would want to send the messages to. It may also be hard to make the messages concise and written in a professional tone. There is also no scheduling function so you can’t schedule and send the broadcasting message at a certain time. However, these limitations can all be resolved by using chatalog.

chatalog - omni-channel 24/7 chatbot solution

By adding a prefilled message on WhatsApp Link and combined with chatalog’s keyword trigger chatbot flow, you will be able to automate conversation with customers and efficiently collect leads or even convert sales even without the need of manual reply.

chatalog allows you to instruct ChatGPT to write a promotional message in a clear, professional tone, appealing to the customers. Utilizing chatalog’s broadcast function, you will be able to schedule and send the AI-generated message to specific customers chosen via customer labels, allowing merchants to save time and cost, and expand business more effectively. Businesses can also schedule when to send the broadcast message, allowing them to plan and write promotional messages ahead of time.

In additional to the features above, chatalog also allows you to manage multiple communication platforms at one stop, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IG Direct, etc.

If you want leads generation, automated marketing campaigns, or an advanced customer relationship management system, chatalog has the solution for you. Click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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