WhatsApp officially launched the WhatsApp web version and WhatsApp desktop version in 2015 and 2016 respectively, allowing users to reply to messages through computers or tablets. Whether it is sending texts, voice conversations, pictures, videos or files, the launch of these two versions enables more effective communication with relatives, friends of customers anytime, anywhere. This feature is especially useful for WhatsApp Business users, read the following and master using WhatsApp Web version and Desktop version!

WhatsApp Web Tutorial

Step 1: Open the official WhatsApp web version on your computer

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, go to the “Settings” page, and click “Link Devices”

Step 3: After performing biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID) on your mobile phone, scan the QR code on the computer page to log in

After the login is complete, the page on the computer will be automatically transferred to the WhatsApp web version, and the name of the connected device can also be seen in the “Connected Device” column of the mobile phone. If you want to log out of the relevant device through your mobile phone in the future, you need to click on the location indicated by the red box again.

WhatsApp for Tablets Tutorial

WhatsApp has not officially launched the WhatsApp Tablet/iPad version yet, so if you want to use WhatsApp on a tablet, you can link the device to the WhatsApp web version. Simply open the official WhatsApp web version in Chrome on the tablet, and the QR Code of the WhatsApp Web version will appear. Follow the above method to scan the QR Code with your mobile phone.

WhatsApp Desktop version Tutorial

In addition to the WhatsApp web version, users can also choose to install WhatsApp Desktop (WhatsApp Desktop) on their computers! Just go to the official WhatsApp desktop website to download, and then follow the steps above to scan the WhatsApp desktop QR Code with your mobile phone to use it.

Comparing WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Desktop

High security:Independent application, through end-to-end encryption, only you and the recipient can see the content of the conversation, and third-party software cannot read it

More comprehensive functions: you can use voice calls, shortcut keys to edit or reply to messages, etc.

WhatsApp Web

High mobility:no need to download WhatsApp Desktop software, no need to use additional computer capacity

Multi-device login: From November 2021, the WhatsApp Business web version supports multi-person use. Even if the user's mobile phone is not connected, it can still be connected to up to 4 devices (only up to 1 mobile phones)

From the perspective of merchants, WhatsApp Web version is superior to the WhatsApp Desktop version. Although the desktop version has higher security and more comprehensive functions, for merchants, especially those who need multiple customer service, the “multi-device login” function of WhatsApp web version is more important. 

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

Even though the WhatsApp Web version supports multi-device login, the permissions of each device are exactly the same, and sometimes all messages are not synchronized. It is easy for two customer service personnels to reply to the same customer at the same time. To avoid this situation, merchants can consider using the chatalog, which not only can synchronize WhatsApp messages in real time, but also allows multiple logins to the same social account at the same time, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, WeChat and other communication platforms. By setting permissions, administrators are allowed to assign conversations to different teams or employees, optimizing team division of labor, and increasing customer service efficiency.

Brief overview of chatalog functions

Good communication is one of the most important factors in building long-lasting relationships with customers.. As an official partner of Meta, chatalog allows you to manage multiple communication platforms at one stop, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IG Direct, etc. In addition to supporting multiple logins at the same time, it also has automated functions such as A.I. chatbot automatic reply, a large number of push discount notifications, ChatGPT content writing, etc., allowing merchants to save time and cost, and expand business more effectively. Click here to start your free trial now.

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