• WhatsApp Business API 2023 Tutorial Guide

    WhatsApp Business API 2023 Tutorial Guide

    As of January 2023, WhatsApp is the most popular social media with the most active users around the globe. WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to contact a large group of customers with ease, automates tailored personalized services to each customer. The WhatsApp Business API has more and comprehensive functions catered to businesses than WhatsApp Business accounts. Therefore, a lot of businesses in Hong Kong have adapted using WhatsApp Business API.

    What is WhatsApp Business API?

    WhatsApp Business API is the WhatsApp official Business solution, which is a series of API code. Therefore, there is no interface provided to enterprises to use directly. Through using a specific WhatsApp Business API service provider platform, enterprises can use WhatsApp to interact with customers directly and increase contacts with customers to increase sales. Enterprise can use interface tools of WhatsApp business official providers or develop their own control interface.

    chatalog is one of official WhatsApp API providers, besides assisting businesses apply for WhatsApp Business API, chatalog also provides their exclusive control interface along with web and applications. Enterprises don’t need any coding and software development skills, and still can directly utilize all functions of WhatsApp Business API.

    History of WhatsApp Business API

    Differences between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

    WhatsApp officially has 3 versions: WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business focuses on better handling WhatsApp conversations with customers, enterprises download WhatsApp Business for free in order to contain their additional features such as business account, scheduling broadcasting message, default preset reply, etc. WhatsApp Business API targets medium-small to large enterprise’ needs, it has features such as multiperson login, 24/7 automatic replise, broadcasting messages, payment links and more exclusive functions. The table below shows the difference between different WhatsApp versions: 

    WhatsApp WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business API
    Suitable For
    Personal account
    Micro-enterprise/small business
    Small and Medium Enterprise/Large-scale Enterprise
    Account Number

    1 Person

    1 Person

    No Limit


    Schedule Broadcast Messages

    Have Limit
    No Limit
    Conversation chat backup
    One Mobile Device
    One Mobile Device
    Store at chatalog, multiple devices can have backup at the same time
    Payment link function

    Green Tick verification

    Integrated third party software

    Detailed data analysis and report

    Premium CRM system

    Application method
    Apply to official WhatsApp API providers

    WhatsApp Business API Features

    WhatsApp Business API has features of both WhatsApp Business and API, however, it can be directly downloaded from App Store of Google Play. It must be obtained through official WhatsApp Business API providers who will link API to a third party platform, it can then be used for WhatsApp conversation, customize broadcasting messages, improve customer experience, and translate into more sales. 

    Allow Multiple Logins simultaneously

    WhatsApp Business only allows one mobile phone and four more devices to login simultaneously. Additionally, if the main device has not been logged in for over 14 days, other devices will be automatically logged out. This is greatly inconvenient for a sales team and may cause some messages unattended to. Using chatalog’s control panel that is linked to WhatsApp API, multiple team members can log into chatalog application and its web version at the same time, replying to customers using the same WhatsApp phone number. 

    WhatsApp Business API allows multiple members to login at the same time and reply with the same phone number, it can also quickly assign conversations to any team member or teams, without WhatsApp Business’ limitation of logging in at most four devices. Team leaders can also see the performance of their own teams and continue replying to customers.

    Broadcasting messages

    WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business can only support broadcasting messages to at most 256 WhatsApp users, and users have the enterprise’s phone number saved in order to receive the message which is inconvenient. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API does not have a limit, through payment, enterprises can send WhatsApp messages to large numbers of customers, getting in contact with millions of customers in one go!

    Businesses have to submit a template message and request for approval, after obtaining WhatsApp’s approval, businesses can send the broadcasting message, which is not limited to number of customers. Businesses can utilize chatalog’s automatic customer labeling functions, and based on business needs to further define customer segmentation. Later on, businesses can broadcast relevant promotional messages to specific customer groups. 

    From 2023 July onwards, WhatsApp Business API has a conversation fee. WhatsApp will collect fees based on conversation by businesses, within 24 hours, the same type of messages will be considered as one conversation fee, click here for more details. 

    Personalization to customers is important, and using template messages can do so. Template messages have three different types: text messages template, multimedia messages template and interactive messages template. chatalog provides several message templates and variables, allowing messages to be more personalized with customer name, email, membership number, etc. Beside text message templates, businesses can also create multimedia message templates which include photos, making the messages more attractive and interactive. The following paragraph introduces interactive messages. 

    WhatsApp Business API exclusive Interactive Messages

    Interactive Message can be separated into two types: List Message and Reply Button. Each List Message can at most have 10 options, customers can select options based on their needs, while reply buttons have at most 3 buttons per message, each button’s text can not be longer than 20 words to ensure the message of each button is easy to understand and clear. 

    Using interactive messages reduces the time needed to understand customer inquiries, customers can also obtain a faster response, automating the process. Combined with chatalog’s chatbot, directing customers to search and shop. If needed, customers will be directed to team members for further follow up. 

    Third-party systems integration

    WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with other third-party systems, chatalog supports the integration of systems based on the needs of businesses to fulfill their business needs. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, CRM, eCommerce, etc. For instance, chatalog can link with Shopify website system to increase business revenue, it can also integrate with Magneto and WooCommerce to increase more sales through conversations. 

    Additionally, WhatsApp eShop can be created via chatalog’s WhatsApp Business API control panel with ease, allowing customers to access product catalog and directly purchase. 

    Green Tick Badge

    WhatsApp Business API provides WhatsApp official business accounts, certifies business brands, and ensures customers about the brand. WhatsApp Business API users can apply for a green tick badge, to indicate that it is a WhatsApp official approved brand. The green tick badge will appear next to the WhatsApp business contact which will highlight how trusted the brand is.   

    WhatsApp Business API also has an interface for business profiles, which displays the company name, brand description, company address, company email, etc. Customers can see the business profile as well as the green tick, allowing them to shop knowing the brand is well-established and trusted.

    Cloud Storage

    WhatsApp Business API will store customer information in the company’s cloud storage, storing customer conversations and information. This is much safer than storing in WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business API stores two types of message types: normal conversation messages such as text, images, stickers, and also WhatsApp approved template messages. 


    No, businesses can use chatalog chatbot will use keyword detection function to reply automatically.

    Yes, when using WhatsApp Business API broadcasting function, businesses can only broadcast template messages that are approved by WhatsApp.

    Yes, template messages can contain emojis and symbols. 

    Besides the fee for the official WhatsApp WhatsApp solution provider, WhatsApp Business API also has a conversation fee, click here for payment details.

    You can click here to directly sign-up for a chatalog account, and follow the instructions to connect your WhatsApp number, the process will take within 15 minutes.

    Yes, each WhatsApp Business API account has at most 250 template messages.‍

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  • How the rise of AI and ChatGPT is changing the sales industry 

    How the rise of AI and ChatGPT is changing the sales industry 

    Leading businesses in different industries have looked into the potential implementation of artificial intelligence into their own industry to increase efficiency and cut cost. Artificial intelligence is an incredible tool that would greatly increase sales and streamline a lot of business processes. And to no surprise, AI has been implemented in the sales industry and with great success. 

    Many have suggested that the implementation of AI increases customer experience, which in turn gives rise in revenue and turnover rate. 

    Additionally, according to McKinsey, a fifth of current sales-team functions could be automated. It is suggested Artificial intelligence can be implemented to automate these functions and even create more leads generation.

    What is AI?

    Before we dive into the application of AI, we must first know what exactly is Artificial Intelligence since it is a rather ambiguous term. In a paper written by John McCarthy, one of the founders of AI, in 2004, he states that “It (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for technology that imitates thinking like a human to solve sophisticated tasks (more detailed definitions of AI). AI learns from data provided to them and can perform certain tasks with high accuracy. 

    As suggested by Harvard Business Review, The sales industry is greatly becoming a leading pioneer of adapting generative AI, a form of deep learning, which is a form of AI that uses neural networks to learn to perform tasks. A well-known generative AI is ChatGPT by OpenAI. The adaptation of using generative AI has brought numerous benefits and has slowly become an irreplaceable tool and assistant to every salesperson.

    What is Generative AI?

    As mentioned, Generative AI is a deep-learning model that utilizes data to train a model and then be able to perform tasks beyond the training data. IBM defines Generative AI as deep-learning models that process raw data such as the entirety of Wikipedia and then generate outputs based on statistical probability when it is prompted.

    Generative AI, at its core, draws from their training data to create new work that is similar but not identical to the trained data. Generative AI refers to deep-learning models that can take raw data such as documents or a website and “learn” to generate statistically probable outputs when prompted. These generative models draw from their training data to create work that is similar but not identical to original data.

    One example we can dive into is ChatGPT, which is utilized in the sales industry. ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool (NLP) that uses AI to enable conversations with a chatbot. The language model excels at reading and summarizing information as well as creating content or text based on given instructions such as writing an email in a professional manner. Users can give a prompt or an instruction to ChatGPT and it will be able to provide an answer or information that it has never been taught. It uses the training data and generates outputs that are similar to how it was trained. By providing a more specific and detailed prompt, ChatGPT will be able to perform the requested task with high precision.

    How is AI changing the dynamic of the sales industry?

    Currently, one of most commonly used models in the sales industry is Large Language Models (LLM), which includes ChatGPT. McKinsey has proven that businesses that invest in AI have greatly increased the revenue by 3 to 15 percent and a sales return on investment by 10 to 20 percent. It is suggested that sales professionals that have utilized AI tools have increased leads and appointments by about 50%, which is a significant amount. 

    Customer service is a large part of the sales industry and has a lot of intricacies as every customer inquiry is unique and different. By using technology, specifically AI and ChatGPT, businesses can create their own customized AI sales which can utilize LLMs to answer customer inquiries. These powerful tools ensure the information provided is highly accurate and further improve customer experience. 

    Currently, Gartner predicts that about 70% of customer experiences in the next 3 years will adopt some form of machine learning, which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Businesses that want to stay on top would have to consider how to further improve their customer experience using AI. 

    Businesses can consider buying package solutions that can be further customized based on their own needs. For example, chatalog, an omnichannel CRM system, has implemented ChatGPT into their product. By implementing ChatGPT, it aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive digital marketing solution. chatalog’s ChatGPT allows businesses to upload business documents such as product catalog or certain policies, so that ChatGPT learns from these documents particularly and can only answer based on the documents provided by the businesses. This allows businesses to have a highly accurate, 24/7, customized AI salesperson.

    What can AI do for sales? Why use AI in sales?

    Gartner predicts that based on the current trend, one out of 10 agent interaction will be automated by 2026 by utilizing AI. The use of AI has several advantages: reducing inconsistency and inaccuracy, highly personalized answers leading to better customer service, reducing cost and dynamic customer targeting and segmentation.

    Reducing inconsistency and inaccuracy

    One of the main benefits of using AI sales and ChatGPT is its ability to provide highly accurate answers by providing the correct and specific prompt. Businesses can implement ChatGPT and AI into sales, utilizing LLMs to process customer inquiries and reply given trained information. By using ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool, instead of manual reply, this would greatly reduce any chance of human error. 

    Although ChatGPT is a powerful tool, if the user does not understand the extent of the tool, they can’t utilize it efficiently. For example, ChatGPT requires very specific prompts in order to provide the most accurate information. It also has hallucination where it does not have any information on the question you have asked but will randomly generate a believable reply. 

    Therefore, it should be noted that businesses should use ChatGPT tools that are fine-tuned based on the context of their company. Through providing sufficient data and appropriate training, companies can then use ChatGPT as their frontline for sales. ChatGPT tools such as chatalog can allow businesses to upload their own documents and ChatGPT AI sales will only answer questions based on the documents provided. Thus, ensuring high accuracy and preventing any case of hallucination as suggested above, effectively reducing any inconsistency and inaccuracy. 


    Personalization is key in the sales industry as supported by McKinsey. The more personalized the customer service, the better the customer experience. This is vital to any business as it would lead to a higher chance of getting leads and increase customer stickiness. Customer stickiness refers to how likely the customer would return and purchase a product or service from the business again. It has been suggested by sources that a better customer experience would lead to an increase in revenue by 84%, customer loyalty by 92% and save cost by 79%. 

    AI sales come into play as AI combined with company-specific data will ensure customers obtain informative insights. Whenever a customer inquires about a product or service, the AI sales can create a hyper-personalized response in accordance to the specific request of the customer. It also makes tailored suggestions to customers which would increase higher engagement and subsequently conversation rates.

    Reduce Cost

    Lastly, the use of AI in the sales industry can greatly reduce cost. By creating AI sales, there will be less demand for training new salespeople while having a virtual sales assistant that can function 24/7. Companies that have started using AI in sales also reduced cost by 40 to 60 percent while increasing leads by 50%, showcasing how these AI tools can not only generate new leads and revenue but reduce existing cost.

    Dynamic customer targeting and segmentation

    Manually creating customer segments is time consuming and often inaccurate. However, by utilizing AI, technology can help identify different customer segmentations and even help you label the customers for future follow-up. AI is able to identify based on looking at each customer at multiple dimensions and traits in order to come up with the most appropriate customer segmentation. Marketing and salespersons can use the customer segmentation provided by AI and further identify sources of income as well as sending promotional messages to correct groups of customers. 

    chatalog, an Omni-channel customer relationship management (CRM) system, allows businesses to communicate with customers from different social media on one stop. chatalog with its latest ChatGPT functionalities, enable businesses to have a virtual AI salesperson as well as automed customer segmentation. Coupled with broadcasting functions, users can then easily send promotional messages to relevant customer segments from multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and many more.

    chatalog – omni-channel 24/7 AI chatbot solution

    chatalog allows businesses to utilize ChatGPT and provide it with their own company website or documents. The ChatGPT will be then used in customer inquiries, allowing customers to ask the AI sales questions about products or any inquiries, the ChatGPT will respond solely based on the information provided by businesses. Thus, ensuring accuracy and providing a hyper-personalized response to every customer. 

    chatalog also has tailored customer segmentation which would allow AI to label customers based on specific traits. Combined with chatalog’s broadcast function, you will be able to schedule and send the AI-generated message to specific customers chosen via customer labels, allowing merchants to save time and cost, and expand business more effectively. 

    In additional to the features above, chatalog also allows you to manage multiple communication platforms at one stop, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IG Direct, etc. 

    If you want leads generation, automated marketing campaigns, or an advanced customer relationship management system, chatalog has the solution for you. Click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial. 

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  • 【WhatsApp Link Tutorial】How to start a chat without adding phone number? (2023 Best WhatsApp Link Generator) 

    【WhatsApp Link Tutorial】How to start a chat without adding phone number? (2023 Best WhatsApp Link Generator) 

    WhatsApp is one of the most used social media around the globe, there are over 2 billion active users and is often used for e-commerce and businesses to contact customers. In order to initiate any conversation, you must first add the customer’s phone number, which is a tedious process. 

    However, there is another way to start a WhatsApp conversation without adding contact is using WhatsApp Links. This feature is especially useful for business users for easy communication with customers, read the following and master WhatsApp Link. 

    What is WhatsApp Link?

    WhatsApp Link allows businesses to begin a chat with customers without needing to add their phone number in contacts and vice versa.

    Set-up WhatsApp Link

    How to create a WhatsApp Link without any message?

    By setting up WhatsApp Link, business users can easily communicate and chat with customers. In order to set up a WhatsApp Link, you simply have to type as follows:
    “ code + your phone number”.


    Any zeroes in country code should be omitted and brackets and dashes should be omitted when typing in your phone number to the WhatsApp Link.

    Whenever your customers press on that link, they will be able to contact you directly without the need of adding your phone number.

    Another way of creating a WhatsApp Link is using “ code + your phone number”.


    Using the WhatsApp Link with “api.whatsapp” can only be opened using the Whatsapp App. On the other hand, the link can be opened on Whatsapp Web as well as the app itself.

    Opening a WhatsApp Link that does not have a prefilled message

    How to create a WhatsApp Link with a pre-filled message?

    For more customization, you can add a pre-filled message so once the customer clicks on the link, a message will be sent to the business automatically to start the conversation. Simply type as follows: “ code + phone number?text=customized message”. 


    Opening a WhatsApp Link that has a prefill message

    How to set-up WhatsApp Link with WhatsApp Business?

    You can also create WhatsApp Links directly for WhatsApp Business users. You can go to “Settings”, click on Business Tools and click on Short Link.

    You can then copy the link, and even add a custom message. It is worth noting that this feature, however, is only available on WhatsApp Business.

    WhatsApp Business users can also generate a QR code here which will allow customers to scan the QR code and start the WhatsApp conversation.

    Steps on how to create WhatsApp Link in WhatsApp Business

    2023 WhatsApp Link Generator

    There are many WhatsApp Link Generators on the market today. One of the more well-known one is You can enter your phone number and enter the prefilled message, the output will be displayed on the screen for visualization as well. After you have clicked on “generate my”, you will get a customized for your business.  

    Creating WhatsApp Link using

    These tools can help users generate the links easier and reduce the possibility of typos, resulting in less leads. Additionally, the links created using WhatsApp Link Generators are shorter and QR codes can be generated.

    Where to use WhatsApp Link

    Instagram Stories

    When posting on Instagram Stories, you can also add WhatsApp Links onto the stories by clicking on the Stickers button and selecting the Link sticker. You will be able to type your WhatsApp Link which will allow Instagram to create a clickable link for customers. By adding the WhatsApp Link on Instagram Stories, customers will be able to inquire about your services and products via WhatsApp and not just through IG Direct.

    Steps to add WhatsApp Link to Instagram Story

    Facebook/Instagram Advertisement

    Similarly, when creating call to action Facebook or Instagram advertisements, you can add your WhatsApp Link as a means of communication. Anyone who is interested will be able to directly contact your business by pressing on the link, without the need to exchange phone numbers. This gives customers another channel to contact your business beyond just Messenger and IG Direct.

    QR code for offline promotion

    After creating the WhatsApp link, you can then turn the link into a QR code which can be added to posters for promotion. For example, businesses can start a promotional event where the customer has to scan the QR code, answer some questions and get a free good. They will be able to do so by scanning the QR code and businesses will be able to gain new leads via this approach.

    Broadcasting using WhatsApp Link

    You are able to broadcast a custom message by simply typing the following: “ message”. You will then have to choose which contact you would like to send the message to.

    Broadcasting a message using WhatsApp Link

    Limitations of WhatsApp Link

    Even after having the customers to contact via WhatsApp, businesses still have to follow up on the conversations manually. It takes time and manpower to answer and understand every single customer inquiry since each inquiry is different and unique. There may be human error in providing the correct information. Customers may have to wait for a long time before receiving an answer from the business if there are too many inquiries or during weekends and non-business hours. This will greatly reduce the chance of them purchasing the goods or services.

    The broadcasting function using WhatsApp Link is limited where you can’t select a selected group of customers and you will have to hand pick which customers you would want to send the messages to. It may also be hard to make the messages concise and written in a professional tone. There is also no scheduling function so you can’t schedule and send the broadcasting message at a certain time. However, these limitations can all be resolved by using chatalog.

    chatalog – omni-channel 24/7 chatbot solution

    By adding a prefilled message on WhatsApp Link and combined with chatalog’s keyword trigger chatbot flow, you will be able to automate conversation with customers and efficiently collect leads or even convert sales even without the need of manual reply.

    chatalog allows you to instruct ChatGPT to write a promotional message in a clear, professional tone, appealing to the customers. Utilizing chatalog’s broadcast function, you will be able to schedule and send the AI-generated message to specific customers chosen via customer labels, allowing merchants to save time and cost, and expand business more effectively. Businesses can also schedule when to send the broadcast message, allowing them to plan and write promotional messages ahead of time.

    In additional to the features above, chatalog also allows you to manage multiple communication platforms at one stop, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IG Direct, etc.

    If you want leads generation, automated marketing campaigns, or an advanced customer relationship management system, chatalog has the solution for you. Click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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  • Elevate Internal Help Desk Operations with AI: ChatGPT as Your Knowledge Base Assistant

    Elevate Internal Help Desk Operations with AI: ChatGPT as Your Knowledge Base Assistant

    Large language models, such as Google’s BERT, have enabled artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reach new heights. ChatGPT is a powerful AI-driven solution that leverages the power of these large language models to provide businesses with a comprehensive knowledge base assistant. This enables businesses to quickly access company knowledge and resolve problems in an efficient manner.


    Furthermore, ChatGPT can be easily integrated with messaging channels like WhatsApp, Slack, Instagram/Facebook, Microsoft Teams and more, allowing businesses to provide scalable assistance that can be accessed from anywhere. ChatGPT helps empower help desk teams by providing them with quick access to company knowledge and allowing them to quickly resolve customer inquiries. It also helps reduce the burden on help desk teams by providing automated responses to frequently asked questions or common requests. This allows help desk teams to focus on more complex inquiries and provide better customer service overall.


    Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful AI-driven solution for businesses looking to streamline their internal help desk operations and provide better customer service. With its ability to quickly access company knowledge and efficiently resolve customer inquiries, it is no wonder why ChatGPT has become an integral part of many business’ s internal help desk operations. This article digs into how ChatGPT can improve the operations of internal customer service teams by acting as a knowledge base assistant.

    Instant Access to Company Knowledge

    ChatGPT is a chatbot that serves as a repository of company knowledge specific to your organization. When your help desk team member encounters a difficult question or requires specific information, they can rely on ChatGPT to provide accurate and instant answers. This instant access to company knowledge streamlines help desk operations and enhances overall productivity.

    To ensure the accuracy of answers, merchants can train their brand-specific ChatGPT through After uploading documents or links of frequently asked questions, such as the terms and conditions of product return policies, ChatGPT can immediately reference relevant documents to answer when customers inquire about refund issues. If customers ask other questions that go beyond the scope, ChatGPT will not respond to ensure accuracy.


    ChatGPT is powered by a powerful natural language processing engine that understands and processes thousands of different ways to communicate with your company.

    Efficient Problem Resolution

    Internal help desks often face a myriad of inquiries and support requests from employees. ChatGPT, powered by Bing Chat and developed by Sam Altman’s OpenAI team, is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) based chatbot solution for businesses. This AI-powered technology provides instant access to company knowledge, enabling help desk agents to efficiently resolve problems.


    Furthermore, the scalability of the ChatGPT solution ensures that it can be easily integrated with messaging channels such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp. This makes it easier for help desk teams to quickly respond to employee inquiries.


    By leveraging the power of AI, ChatGPT empowers help desk teams with the ability to provide accurate information in an efficient manner. With its ability to recall information and provide precise answers, ChatGPT expedites problem resolution and increases employee satisfaction.

    Scalable Assistance

    As businesses grow, the volume of inquiries directed to internal help desks increases. ChatGPT addresses this scalability challenge by being available 24/7 and handling multiple inquiries simultaneously. Unlike human agents, ChatGPT can respond to an infinite number of inquiries without experiencing fatigue or delays. This scalability ensures prompt assistance and empowers help desk teams to handle higher workloads efficiently. This article delves into how ChatGPT can elevate internal help desk operations by serving as a knowledge base assistant.

    Integration with Messaging Channels

  supports seamless integration of ChatGPT with popular messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Slack, or internal chat platforms used within the organization. This integration allows employees to communicate with ChatGPT directly, posing questions and seeking assistance within their preferred communication channels. By meeting employees where they are, ChatGPT enhances accessibility and facilitates smooth communication between the help desk and employees. – ChatGPT Solution for Business

    ChatGPT from is transforming internal help desk operations. This AI-powered assistant provides instant access to company knowledge, efficient problem resolution, integration with messaging channels, and the ability to scale with increasing workloads. Unlock the potential of your internal help desk teams and explore the benefits of ChatGPT today at


    With ChatGPT readily available to provide accurate information and support, help desk agents can focus on complex and high-value inquiries, further enhancing their expertise and professional growth. This collaboration between human agents and AI-driven assistance elevates the overall capabilities of the help desk team.



    ChatGPT from is a powerful tool that can revolutionize your internal help desk operations. With ChatGPT, you can access company knowledge instantly, resolve problems quickly, integrate with messaging channels, and handle increasing workloads with ease. Sign-up here to find out how ChatGPT can boost the productivity and effectiveness of your internal help desk teams today!

    Click here to start your free trial 

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  • Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT in Sales & Marketing: Engage Customers Like Never Before

    Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT in Sales & Marketing: Engage Customers Like Never Before

    In the competitive landscape of sales and marketing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers and drive conversions. The advent of artificial intelligence has brought forth game-changing solutions, such as ChatGPT from This AI-powered tool leverages deep learning algorithms and generative AI to enable businesses to interact with customers in a personalized way.


    With ChatGPT, businesses can create conversations that are tailored to the customer’s needs, respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries, and even suggest relevant products or services that the customer may be interested in.


    Additionally, supports seamless integration of ChatGPT with popular messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Mobile App/Web Chat widget and more. This allows businesses to reach out to customers on the channels they’re already using without having to switch back and forth between different applications.


    By staying ahead of the curve with ChatGPT’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can better engage their customers and drive more conversions. This article explores how ChatGPT can revolutionize sales and marketing efforts, enabling businesses to engage customers in a whole new way.

    Personalized Customer Interactions

    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has said that“ machine learning is the key to unlocking the potential of AI”. ChatGPT is a powerful tool that allows businesses to utilize machine learning to create tailored virtual assistants.


    With – ChatGPT solution, businesses can feed their company content into the platform and have it trained to communicate with customers in a personalized manner.

    By understanding customer preferences and context, ChatGPT can provide relevant product recommendations, personalized offers, and compelling marketing messages. This level of personalization drives customer engagement and increases the likelihood of conversions.


    With ChatGPT, businesses can stay ahead of the curve by providing an enhanced customer experience that leads to increased sales and loyalty.

    Conversational Selling

    Traditional sales approaches often rely on scripted chatbot conversations and rigid processes. With ChatGPT plugins, businesses can take a conversational selling approach that mimics human interactions. ChatGPT engages customers in meaningful conversations, asking questions to understand their needs and preferences. By leveraging the company’s product knowledge, ChatGPT can then recommend the most suitable products, highlight their benefits, and address customer concerns. This dynamic and interactive approach creates a unique buying experience that resonates with customers.


    Last month, integrated the large language model, Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). This model is designed to enable businesses to create personalized customer interactions and conversations. ChatGPT leverages this technology to understand customer intent and respond in a natural way that mimics human interactions.


    With the help of ChatGPT, businesses can create more engaging conversations with customers that are tailored to their needs and preferences. This helps build trust and loyalty with customers, ultimately resulting in higher sales.


    By staying ahead of the curve with innovative technologies like ChatGPT, businesses can remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

    Seamless Integration with Messaging Channels

    With, ChatGPT can be seamlessly integrated into various messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and more. This integration enables businesses to meet customers where they are and engage in real-time conversations.


    Whether customers have product inquiries, need assistance with the purchasing process, or require post-sales support, ChatGPT is available 24/7 to provide accurate and timely responses. This availability and convenience enhance customer satisfaction and build trust. – ChatGPT solution for Business

    To leverage the power of ChatGPT in sales and marketing, businesses can visit offers an AI platform that empowers businesses to integrate ChatGPT into their sales and marketing operations seamlessly. By visiting their website, businesses can discover success stories, explore the capabilities of ChatGPT, and learn how it can be customized to suit their specific needs.

    Staying Ahead of the Curve

    By embracing AI-powered sales and marketing strategies, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves from competitors. ChatGPT enables businesses to deliver personalized, conversational, and engaging experiences to customers, fostering brand loyalty and increasing sales. With its ability to adapt and learn, ChatGPT continually improves its performance, ensuring businesses are always equipped with the latest AI advancements.


    ChatGPT from empowers businesses to unleash the power of AI in sales and marketing. By creating personalized customer interactions, adopting conversational selling, and integrating with popular messaging channels, businesses can engage customers like never before.


    Visit to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts, driving conversions and building long-lasting customer relationships. The code-free environment does not require users with any engineering or developers background, sign-up here to cut costs with the latest ChatGPT Plus technology.

    Click here to start your free trial 

    From “Hi” to “Buy”

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  • Revolutionize Customer Service: How ChatGPT Boosts Response Accuracy and Efficiency

    Revolutionize Customer Service: How ChatGPT Boosts Response Accuracy and Efficiency

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, providing exceptional customer service is crucial for businesses to thrive. Traditional customer support methods often fall short in meeting the growing demands of customers. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and the ChatGPT solution, businesses can revolutionize their customer service operations. This article explores how ChatGPT enhances response accuracy and efficiency, leading to superior customer experiences.

    Enhanced Response Accuracy

    ChatGPT serves as an intelligent virtual assistant, capable of processing vast amounts of company-specific information. By feeding ChatGPT with your company content through, it becomes a tailored assistant with deep knowledge of your business. When customers ask questions, ChatGPT can recall information directly from your website or knowledge base, ensuring accurate and up-to-date responses. This accuracy helps build trust with customers, fostering strong relationships and brand loyalty.

    Improved Response Efficiency

    Traditional customer service often involves human agents manually searching for information, leading to delays and potential errors. ChatGPT eliminates these challenges by providing instantaneous and efficient responses. With its ability to integrate into multiple messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct, ChatGPT ensures a seamless customer experience across platforms. Customers receive prompt and relevant answers, resulting in increased satisfaction and reduced wait times.

    Human-like Communication

    ChatGPT goes beyond robotic responses, engaging customers in human-like conversations. It employs natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond in a conversational manner. By mimicking human interactions, ChatGPT creates a personalized experience that resonates with customers. This approach enhances customer engagement, leading to improved conversion rates and increased sales.


    To experience the transformative power of ChatGPT in customer service, businesses can visit offers a comprehensive AI platform that enables businesses to integrate ChatGPT into their customer service operations seamlessly.


    With ChatGPT from, businesses can elevate their customer service to unprecedented levels. By harnessing the power of AI, response accuracy and efficiency are significantly enhanced, while maintaining a human-like touch. Embracing this technology not only improves customer satisfaction but also drives sales and boosts brand reputation.

    Click here to start your free trial.

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  • WhatsApp Tutorial: How to send messages to non-contacts without adding phone numbers

    WhatsApp Tutorial: How to send messages to non-contacts without adding phone numbers

    There are many ways to send messages on WhatsApp without adding contacts. This tutorial on sending messages on WhatsApp without adding contacts will share ways for businesses and customers to send messages to each other directly without adding contacts.

    WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are currently the most commonly used instant messaging software for businesses. They are WhatsApp’s commercial accounts designed specifically for businesses. There are many business communication features, such as WhatsApp automatic response, WhatsApp multi-login, WhatsApp quick replies, WhatsApp broadcast messages and more, allowing businesses to communicate more efficiently with customers through WhatsApp’s advanced messaging functions.

    Sending messages on WhatsApp without adding contacts is also one of the WhatsApp communication tips. Let’s start learning about WhatsApp’s tutorial on sending messages without adding contacts.

    Tutorial on How to Use WhatsApp without Adding Contacts

    Generally, users of WhatsApp need to add the phone number of their contacts to their phone’s address book first before they can find and message them on the app.

    However, WhatsApp users can actually bypass this step and send messages to contacts directly through WhatsApp Link without adding them to their address book. There are two main methods for users to create a WhatsApp link.

    WhatsApp API Link

    Firstly, WhatsApp users can establish a WhatsApp chat with contacts through the WhatsApp API Link: code+phone number. Users can input the aforementioned link in a web browser and chat directly without adding contacts.

    For instance, when a customer wishes to message Chatalog’s sales and customer service team, they can input the Hong Kong country code and Chatalog’s phone number on the webpage: ““. The system will then automatically redirect to the WhatsApp Business chat page with Chatalog. Link

    Another method is to use a shorter and easier-to-remember link, which can also redirect WhatsApp users to the WhatsApp desktop version or WhatsApp mobile app to send messages to non-contacts.

    Setting up a link is very easy: code + phone number. For example, when customers want to message Chatalog’s sales and customer service team, they can enter the area code and phone number in the web browser: ““, and the system will redirect to the WhatsApp Business chat page with Chatalog.

    Enter WhatsApp Chat Room

    Using any of the above methods without adding a phone number, you can smoothly enter the WhatsApp chat room with the other person.

    You will see a pop-up window on the web page that says “Open in WhatsApp”. Click “Open” and you will enter the WhatsApp chat page, where you can start communicating with the other person.

    As a result, you will see the other person’s phone number as the display name in the WhatsApp chat room. Only if you add the other person to your phone contacts, will you see the name you set in the phone contacts in the display name column of the WhatsApp chat room.

    WhatsApp Link Default Message

    Besides allowing WhatsApp users to enter a chat room with the other party successfully, businesses and corporate users can also take advantage of the feature of WhatsApp without adding phone number by setting up the default message for WhatsApp, making it convenient for customers to click and send with just one button. In addition, businesses can also differentiate potential customers from different platforms and distinguish the channel of traffic by setting up default messages.

    Setting up default content through WhatsApp API Link can refer to: “ code + phone number&text=default content”.

    Setting up default content through Link can refer to: “ code + phone number?text=default content”.

    Please note that the symbol in front of “text” in the two WhatsApp links without adding contacts above is different.

    If businesses want to set the initial conversation with customers to “Hi! I want to know more about Chatalog’s services!”, they can enter “! I want to know more about Chatalog’s services!” or “! I want to know more about Chatalog’s services!”.

    After customers enter the WhatsApp chat room through the default message, businesses can set up an automatic chatbot to continue real-time customer communication, enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Chatalog has launched the ChatGPT AI customer service chatbot function, which can answer common questions and provide replies to customers 24/7 by learning relevant information about businesses in advance. This function can greatly reduce the burden on the customer service team and help businesses manage customer conversations more efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    WhatsApp Without Adding Contacts: Shortcut

    Using text replacement is one of the shortcuts to use WhatsApp without adding the contact, which means that WhatsApp users can use keywords to trigger the above two links on the web. In the iOS system, there is a “Text Replacement” function that allows users to add text input shortcuts.

    Mobile phone users can go to “Settings” > “General” > “Keyboard” page and click “Text Replacement”. In the “Phrase” column, enter the WhatsApp API link or link, and in the “Shortcut” column, enter the text you want to use.

    Once you have set up “Text Replacement”, simply enter the “Shortcut” you have set on the webpage and the corresponding “Phrase” will appear. This way, you don’t have to enter a long URL, just enter the area code and phone number, and quickly jump to WhatsApp and start messaging non-contacts.

    However, remember that do not use the text combinations you usually use when entering “Shortcuts”; otherwise, the phone system will often suggest input “Phrases”, which may affect your user experience.

    More Ways to Use WhatsApp Without Adding Contacts

    In addition to the above two links, there are other ways to use WhatsApp without adding phone numbers to send messages.

    WhatsApp Link QR Code

    Businesses can create their own WhatsApp Link QR code and add them to online or offline promotional materials. Customers can simply scan it with their mobile phones to enter the WhatsApp chat page with the business.

    Of course, companies can also add default messages to WhatsApp links and convert them into QR codes. When customers scan this QR code, they will send the company’s default message to the chat room with the company.

    There are many tools for converting QR codes on the market, and business users can search and use them on their own.

    WhatsApp Button

    In addition, since businesses usually operate different social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram, businesses can consider putting WhatsApp links on the “Call-To-Action Button” of these platforms. After customers click the CTA button, they will jump to the WhatsApp chat page with the business and be able to communicate directly with the business.

    Chatalog Automatic Message Sending

    Chatalog is an all-in-one customer communication platform that supports users to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, two commercial instant messaging software on the platform. Therefore, users can also set up WhatsApp links without adding contacts using the above functions.

    Next, business users can set up Chatalog’s ChatGPT AI customer service chatbot function, which uses Chatbot to respond to customer messages automatically; even outside of business hours, the AI chatbot can quickly respond.

    Want to learn how to improve customer service efficiency through ChatGPT AI chatbots? Contact our sales team now!

    Click here to start your free trial.

    From “Hi” to “Buy”

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  • AI CS Chatbot: Enhance Customer Service with ChatGPT

    AI CS Chatbot: Enhance Customer Service with ChatGPT

    Chatalog 已與 ChatGPT AI 聊天機器人相結合,Chatalog 平台的企業用戶現在可以透過 AI 客服機器人來處理客戶服務和銷售的對話。

    什麼是 AI 客服機器人?


    AI 客服系統的功能

    AI 客服機器人已經被許多企業廣泛應用於客戶服務、技術支援和銷售等領域。AI 客服系統有很多常見的功能,以下是一些例子。


    AI 客服系統可以根據用戶預設好的問題和答案庫來回答常見問題,例如:產品功能、產品價格、退換貨政策等。有的 AI 聊天機器人可以從網頁或上載的文件中學習商家資訊,再自動生成回覆訊息回應顧客的查詢。


    AI 客服機器人可以為顧客提供技術支援,例如:教導客戶如何使用產品、解決一般的技術問題等。商家只需要讓 AI 客服機器人學習各個產品的使用手冊,它就能偵測顧客查詢的關鍵字,在資料庫中尋找適當的回覆,再傳送給客戶。


    AI 客服系統能提供24/7在線的多語言支援,讓不同國家不同語言的客戶可以得到即時的回應。Chatalog 的 AI 客服機器人就能支援英文、繁體中文、簡體中文、廣東話等多種語言,加上合適的語氣,創建出具有吸引力的文章。


    處理訂單和交易都是一般 AI 客服機器人可以完成的任務,像是幫助客戶訂購產品、更新訂單狀態、處理付款及運送等問題。只要企業容許 AI 聊天機器人訪問企業的內部系統,它就能尋找到相應的訂單,並完成相關的操作。


    透過 AI 聊天機器人收集客戶的反饋是最省時省力的做法,企業可以設定在每個對話票被關閉之後,就由聊天機器人自動向客戶收集意見,包括:收集產品的評價、收集客服/銷售人員的服務評價、接受和處理投訴等。


    AI 客服系統也可以幫助客服人員安排客戶的服務請求,例如:安排維修、完成預約、轉接對話到其他部門等。企業團隊甚至可以透過這個客服系統,自動傳送提醒訊息,像是提醒和確認客戶明天有維修安排,以免客人會忘記很久以前就安排好的日程。


    既然是有 AI 功能的聊天機器人,那就能更人性化地對待每一位客人。它們可以透過分析客戶過去的行為偏好、對話歷史、購買記錄等資訊,為客戶提供個性化的建議和產品推薦。

    AI 客服的好處

    了解了 AI 客服系統的功能之後,我們也來看看它們能為企業帶來的的好處。


    AI客服系統可以24小時全天候自動回答客戶問題,不需要客戶等待,也不需要人工干預。當然,遇到比較棘手的客服查詢時,AI 客服也能隨時轉給真人客服。即時自動的回覆,可以大大提高客戶的滿意度,同時也減少了企業的運營成本。


    雖然現在的即時通訊軟體都有開發不同的訊息功能,幫助企業用戶處理客服對話。WhatsApp Business 也推出了 WhatsApp 自動回覆和 WhatsApp 快速回覆等功能,但仍有許多限制:WhatsApp 自動回覆只能提供一次回覆,無法自動回答之後的查詢;WhatsApp 快速回覆仍需真人操作。


    而 AI 客服系統就能解決這些阻礙,因為它能自動回答常見問題,不需要真人操作。所以,它可以大大提高企業的效率,讓客服人員可以專注於更複雜的問題。


    AI 客服系統可以學習商家的資訊,並記憶與每個客戶之前的對話,根據過去的經驗提供更好的回答,進一步提高系統的效率和準確性。


    Chatalog 的 ChatGPT AI 聊天機器人功能就可以學習用戶的商業資訊,它們自主學習並理解這些資訊後,就能運用在客服對話中,從資料庫中向客戶提供相應的解答。AI 客服系統透過分析客戶的購買紀錄、對話歷史、行為偏好,便能為客戶提供個性化的建議和回答,這有助提高客戶滿意度,從而增加企業的銷售額。



    AI 客服的缺點

    雖然 AI 客服系統有許多優點,但也有以下的一些仍需改進的缺點。


    機器人和人類最大的區別就是人情味,AI 聊天機器人也有這個缺陷,就是無法像人類一樣理解客戶的情感和需要,而不能提供人性化的回應。雖然商家可以設定聊天機器人在回覆中加入表情符號,但還是不能像人類一樣,透過顧客的訊息來了解它們目前的情感狀態。




    雖然 AI 客服機器人可以處理常見的客戶查詢,但是對於複雜的問題或特殊情況,它們可能無法提供有效的解決方案。例如:顧客希望爭取更大的折扣力度,這就需要真人客服來決定是否可以給予個別顧客更大的優惠,聊天機器人則無法決定要如何處理這類特殊問題。


    另外,如果某些顧客輸入的訊息有打字或語法錯誤,AI 聊天機器人可能無法理解或會誤解這些查詢,導致無法解決問題,或提供了錯誤的回覆。


    我們相信 AI 技術會在未來得到逐步的提升,所以 AI 客服機器人的優點是遠遠勝於它的缺點。

    Chatalog & ChatGPT 聊天機器人

    ChatGPT 聊天機器人是最近討論度非常高的一個人工智慧技術對話系統,它使用了 GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer)模型來生成對話。ChatGPT 可以進行多輪對話,通過對話記憶和上下文理解等技術,實現智能對話和問答。

    Chatalog 已經整合了 ChatGPT 聊天機器人,所以現在 Chatalog 用戶也能使用這項功能,處理客服和營銷活動。

    AI 學習公司資源

    Chatalog 的 AI 聊天機器人有能力學習公司的客服資源,用戶可以上傳各式各樣的文檔到 Chatalog 平台上,包括常見問題解答和產品資訊等。ChatGPT會自動學習這些資訊,並且根據用戶的需求創作文章和客服回答。這種方式不僅節省了時間和精力,也能確保企業對外溝通的質量和一致性。


    AI 聊天機器人還可以學習公司的網上資源,用戶可以上傳URL連結,例如網站連結和使用條款等,讓ChatGPT自動學習相關內容。這樣,ChatGPT就能更好地了解使用者的產品和服務,幫助創作更專業和精確的文章和回應。

    試用 Chatbot

    最後,使用者可以透過試玩 Chatbot 答問題,讓ChatGPT自動學習客戶的問題和需求,並創作相關的內容。這樣,客戶就能更好地了解產品和服務,提高客戶滿意度和忠誠度。

    AI 客服機器人:總結

    AI 聊天機器人是一種能夠自動化客戶服務的人工智能技術,被經常應用於客服行業中。使用 AI 客服系統能夠有效提高客戶滿意度和忠誠度,降低客戶流失率,同時也能節省企業人力和時間成本。


    AI 客服機器人可以自動回答常見問題,提供產品和服務資訊,處理客戶投訴和查詢等任務,而且能夠在24小時內提供無間斷地提供服務,從而為客戶提供更好的體驗。


    此外,Chatalog 的 ChatGPT AI 客服機器人還能學習公司的客服資源和網上資源,進而提高文章創作和回覆範本的質量和一致性。同時也能通過試玩平台的Chatbot答問題,自動學習客戶的問題和需求,並提供合適的答覆,這能有助提高客戶對企業的滿意度和忠誠度。


    然而,AI 客服機器人也存在一些缺點,例如:難以理解某些客戶的語言和表達方式,無法完全取代人類客服,需要進一步的技術改進和人工指導。但總體而言,AI 客服機器人是一種具有潛力和前景的技術,它能夠為企業提供更好的客戶服務體驗,同時也能幫助企業降低成本,提高效率。

    AI 客服系統:常見問題

    AI 客服機器人能否完全取代人類客服?


    AI 客服機器人是否需要長時間的訓練?

    AI 客服機器人的訓練需要一定的時間,但隨著科技技術的進步,現在有許多 AI 客服機器人可以進行快速的訓練和學習,從而為公司提供客戶服務。Chatalog 的 ChatGPT AI 聊天機器人就能夠快速學習商家的相關資訊,為客戶查詢提供合適的回覆。


    From “Hi” to “Buy”


    毋須提供信用卡! 立即試用


  • WhatsApp Autoreply: Ultimate Guide to Business in 2023

    WhatsApp Autoreply: Ultimate Guide to Business in 2023

    WhatsApp Auto Reply is a great business feature of WhatsApp Business! With the “Auto Reply” and “Quick Replies” automation message functions set within the WhatsApp Business account, businesses can efficiently handle customer service inquiries on instant messaging software.

    In today’s society where efficiency is highly valued, it’s important for businesses to communicate with customers promptly. Otherwise, potential customers may develop negative perceptions of the business due to long waiting times, and may even stop doing business with the company altogether.

    WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging software designed specifically for businesses as a customer communication tool. Even if the customer service team is unable to respond to customer inquiries immediately, the automation message function of the WhatsApp Business account can help businesses respond as quickly as possible. Even during non-business hours, customers can receive pre-set replies. These common replies can solve some of the problems customers raise, and during business hours, customer service personnel can address any remaining inquiries.

    Are you interested in experiencing more advanced WhatsApp Auto Reply features? Chatalog’s ChatGPT AI automated chatbot can help! Keep reading this article to learn more about Chatalog’s AI chatbot features.

    WhatsApp Auto Reply

    WhatsApp auto-reply is an automated message feature of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API accounts, which is divided into “greeting message” and “away message”. When one of these message functions is enabled for your WhatsApp business account, customers who meet certain conditions and send you a message will receive an automatic response from the system.

    Businesses can watch WhatsApp’s official video to understand the functions of these two message features.

    WhatsApp Greetings Message

    WhatsApp Greeting Messages are automated messages sent by the system to customers. The system automatically sends a pre-set greeting message to customers when they send a message to a business for the first time or if there has been no conversation between the customer and the business for 14 days. The greeting message is a customized sentence chosen by the business. When this feature is enabled in WhatsApp Business, the system will automatically interact with the customer in the conversation.

    Setting up a greeting message can increase the friendliness of your brand, make customers feel welcomed by the business, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Setting up WhatsApp Greeting Messages

    Setting up WhatsApp greeting messages is very simple:

    1. Click “Settings” > “Business Tools” > “Greeting Messages” in the WhatsApp Business App interface.
    2. Enable the “Greeting Messages” feature.
    3. Edit the automatic reply template for the greeting message, and click “Save” when done.
    4. Choose the “Recipients”. In the “Recipient” column, choose:
      1. “Everyone”;
      2. “All contacts not in address book”;
      3. “Everyone except…”;
      4. “Send only to…”.

    Chatalog’s tip for merchants is to write greeting messages based on their brand style, as these messages are the first point of contact between customers and the brand. Brands need to establish what initial impression they want to give customers and what value they can bring to them.

    For example, if it’s a clothing store, emojis, and website links can be added to the greeting message, making it easier for customers to click on the website and start shopping.

    WhatsApp Away Messages

    WhatsApp’s Away Messages are automated notifications/messages sent by the system to customers. They are sent during a business’s non-operating hours, when the customer service team is busy, or when the mobile phone is unavailable. The message informs the customers that the business cannot respond at the moment and will reply later. This Away Message is a custom sentence created by the business, and when enabled in WhatsApp Business, the system automatically interacts with customers.

    Using Offline Automatic Reply Messages allows you to enjoy your private time without worry while informing customers that you have not ignored their messages through WhatsApp’s offline messages.

    Setting up WhatsApp Away Message

    Setting up WhatsApp’s away message is also very simple:

    1. Click “Settings” > “Business Tools” > “Away Message” in the WhatsApp Business App interface.
    2. Enable “Away Message”.
    3. Edit the template for automatic replies to away messages and click “Save” when done.
    4. Choose the time to send offline automatic reply messages. Select from “Set Time”:
      1. “Send always”;
      2. “Custom send time”;
      3. “Non-business hours”. If using this option, the business needs to first set “Business Hours” in the “Business Profile”.
    5. Choose the “Recipients”. In the “Recipient” column, select:
      1. “Everyone”;
      2. “All non-contacts”;
      3. “Everyone except…”;
      4. “Send only to…”.

    Chatolog’s tip for businesses is to add frequently asked questions (FAQs) and useful links to this away message template, which can respond to most common customer inquiries and increase the chance of customers clicking on the business website.

    Benefits of WhatsApp Auto Reply

    Through the automatic reply message function on WhatsApp business accounts, businesses can enjoy many benefits.

    Stay Connected

    When you are busy or temporarily away from work, the automatic reply message feature can send a custom message to your customers, letting them know that the business has received their message and that the customer service team will respond to them as soon as possible. This helps maintain good communication between the business and customers and makes customers feel that the business values their needs and issues.

    Save Time

    Using the automatic reply message feature can save you time responding to customer messages. You can pre-set the content of your WhatsApp reply messages to trigger automatic replies for different situations. This way, you can spend time on more important matters while ensuring your customers receive timely responses.

    Enhance Customer Experience

    Using WhatsApp’s automatic reply message feature allows customers to receive immediate responses. This can enhance customer trust, loyalty, experience, and overall satisfaction.

    Limitations of WhatsApp’s Auto Reply Function

    Although WhatsApp Business’s auto-reply message function has many benefits, there are still some limitations in automated message processing that prevent businesses from fully enjoying automation.

    Delivery Time Limit

    The delivery time of WhatsApp’s automatic reply messages is one-time only. This means that the system will send a “greeting message” or “farewell message” to the customer once under certain specified conditions, and there will be no follow-up automatic chat function. This feature cannot meet the needs of businesses that require an immediate response to messages.

    Conversation Limitations

    The automatic reply message function only applies to one-on-one conversations and cannot be used for group chats or broadcast messages.

    Message Frequency Limitations

    To avoid being seen as harassment or advertising, WhatsApp Business has a message frequency limit, which means that a person can only receive a certain number of automatic reply messages per day. If this limit is exceeded, it may be marked as spam.

    System Stability

    The automatic reply message function requires stable network and system support. If the network or system is unstable, it may cause message delays or prevent normal delivery.

    Chatalog’s WhatsApp Auto Reply: ChatGPT AI Integration

    Chatalog’s WhatsApp auto-reply feature can be used in conjunction with Chatalog’s own AI chatbot to achieve automated handling of customer service messages.

    Chatalog has integrated ChatGPT to create a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot. Chatalog users can enjoy AI marketing and customer service functions, allowing ChatGPT to help users write marketing copy, make 24/7 automatic replies through AI customer service functions, automate chatbot processes, and push broadcast messages through AI.

    Although WhatsApp auto-reply can only make one-time replies, businesses can continue conversations with customers through AI chatbots using Chatalog’s automation message feature. Businesses can upload files or website content to Chatalog’s ChatGPT in advance, allowing ChatGPT to learn relevant business information and automatically reply with appropriate content when detecting keywords in customer messages. Customers can also switch to talking to human customer service at any time, allowing the human customer service team to continue communicating with customers and resolving their queries.

    WhatsApp Scheduled Message

    WhatsApp Scheduled Message is the feature of sending messages through WhatsApp on a schedule. Unfortunately, WhatsApp Business does not yet support this feature, and businesses can only use it on WhatsApp Business API accounts.

    Chatalog is an official provider of WhatsApp Business API, allowing businesses to use WhatsApp Business API in a simple and easy-to-use interface without further development. Chatalog’s one-stop business communication platform also has more advanced business communication features for business users, including scheduled broadcasts, payment links, team inboxes, etc.

    Now, business users can send WhatsApp pre-messages through Chatalog by pre-setting the broadcast message template and selecting the specified sending time, and the system will automatically send the scheduled message. This way, businesses can better use their resources and time, and more efficiently handle the delivery of marketing messages, thereby achieving better marketing results.

    Chatalog’s WhatsApp Business API Features

    Chatalog integrates with WhatsApp Business API, allowing businesses to use WhatsApp Business API directly on the Chatalog platform. The advanced message processing features “WhatsApp Auto Reply” and “WhatsApp Scheduled Message” allow customer service and sales teams to achieve marketing and customer service goals without requiring a large number of personnel.

    In addition, Chatalog also connects to instant messaging software such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc., allowing businesses to manage multiple platforms in one-stop and enjoy Chatalog’s message processing functions while saving time.

    Learn how Chatalog can help improve your business’s work efficiency now!

    Click here to start your free trial.

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  • 【WhatsApp Web/Desktop Login Tutorial】Computers/Tablets supported. WhatsApp Web to communicate with customers

    【WhatsApp Web/Desktop Login Tutorial】Computers/Tablets supported. WhatsApp Web to communicate with customers
    WhatsApp officially launched the WhatsApp web version and WhatsApp desktop version in 2015 and 2016 respectively, allowing users to reply to messages through computers or tablets. Whether it is sending texts, voice conversations, pictures, videos or files, the launch of these two versions enables more effective communication with relatives, friends of customers anytime, anywhere.

    This feature is especially useful for WhatsApp Business users, read the following and master using WhatsApp Web version and Desktop version!

    WhatsApp Web Tutorial

    Step 1: Open the official WhatsApp web version on your computer

    Step 2: Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, go to the “Settings” page, and click “Link Devices”

    Step 3: After performing biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID) on your mobile phone, scan the QR code on the computer page to log in

    After the login is complete, the page on the computer will be automatically transferred to the WhatsApp web version, and the name of the connected device can also be seen in the “Connected Device” column of the mobile phone. If you want to log out of the relevant device through your mobile phone in the future, you need to click on the location indicated by the red box again.

    WhatsApp for Tablets Tutorial

    WhatsApp has not officially launched the WhatsApp Tablet/iPad version yet, so if you want to use WhatsApp on a tablet, you can link the device to the WhatsApp web version.

    Simply open the official WhatsApp web version in Chrome on the tablet, and the QR Code of the WhatsApp Web version will appear. Follow the above method to scan the QR Code with your mobile phone.

    WhatsApp Desktop version Tutorial

    In addition to the WhatsApp web version, users can also choose to install WhatsApp Desktop (WhatsApp Desktop) on their computers! Just go to the official WhatsApp desktop website to download, and then follow the steps above to scan the WhatsApp desktop QR Code with your mobile phone to use it.

    Comparing WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web

    WhatsApp Desktop

    High security:Independent application, through end-to-end encryption, only you and the recipient can see the content of the conversation, and third-party software cannot read it

    More comprehensive functions: you can use voice calls, shortcut keys to edit or reply to messages, etc.

    WhatsApp Web

    High mobility:no need to download WhatsApp Desktop software, no need to use additional computer capacity

    Multi-device login: From November 2021, the WhatsApp Business web version supports multi-person use. Even if the user’s mobile phone is not connected, it can still be connected to up to 4 devices (only up to 1 mobile phones)

    From the perspective of merchants, WhatsApp Web version is superior to the WhatsApp Desktop version. Although the desktop version has higher security and more comprehensive functions, for merchants, especially those who need multiple customer service, the “multi-device login” function of WhatsApp web version is more important. 

    Limitations of WhatsApp Web

    Even though the WhatsApp Web version supports multi-device login, the permissions of each device are exactly the same, and sometimes all messages are not synchronized. It is easy for two customer service personnels to reply to the same customer at the same time.

    To avoid this situation, merchants can consider using the chatalog, which not only can synchronize WhatsApp messages in real time, but also allows multiple logins to the same social account at the same time, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, WeChat and other communication platforms. By setting permissions, administrators are allowed to assign conversations to different teams or employees, optimizing team division of labor, and increasing customer service efficiency.

    Brief overview of chatalog functions

    Good communication is one of the most important factors in building long-lasting relationships with customers.. As an official partner of Meta, chatalog allows you to manage multiple communication platforms at one stop, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IG Direct, etc. In addition to supporting multiple logins at the same time, it also has automated functions such as A.I. chatbot automatic reply, a large number of push discount notifications, ChatGPT content writing, etc., allowing merchants to save time and cost, and expand business more effectively. Click here to start your free trial now.

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