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Sustainable Relationship with Clients

to Foster Continuous Business Growth

Through employing chatalog’s one-stop management of frequently used social media platforms, there will be no more skipping of messages or comments and the pressure on Customer Services will be greatly alleviated.


Auto-replies to Enquiries


Open Rate of Messages


Purchase Rate

Automated Interactions of Facebook and Instagram

  • Product details, latest offers or promotions? Our keyword search engine will enable precise auto-replies to comments and enquiries. This unique feature allows efficient conversational exchanges with clients and helps save costs.
  • chatalog provides exclusive templates to help you build your specific automated interactions easily!

Seamless Shopping and Reservation Experiences to Boost Sales

  • A thorough understanding of clients’ consumption behaviour is key to helping you share products or services that cater to their needs the most. Links attached also encourage guided shopping. 

  • chatalog now connects Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier and many more applications to help with systematic management and renewal of customers’ orders and reservations. 

Automated Reminders to Increase Customers’ Participation Rate

  • No more tedious checking of customer records! Reminders to clients are sent automatically to designated customers to help you save time. 

  • chatalog provides a range of templates for customers to confirm or cancel their reservations on WhatsApp. 

Auto-streaming to Designated Team Members

  • The auto-streaming feature boosts customer service efficiency by providing accurate auto-replies and directing enquiries to specific team members, which helps foster a closer relationship with customers. 

  • chatalog supports both Android and iOS and is here to help you solve any customers’ difficulties. 

Smart Classification and Management of Customers Personalised Messages

  • By labelling customers according to their shopping habits and personal preferences, messages are sent to remind them of discounts, birthday offers and so on, ultimately boosting the open rate of messages and sales. 

  • chatalog’s exclusive templates are here to help promote effective communication with and promotion to clients. 

Sales Volume Boosted by 50%

After connection Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp with chatalog, auto-replies have answered 70% of customers’ enquiries and sales volume has been boosted by 50%.

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Here are more functions with chatalog to boost your business growth

Immediate Responses to Frequently Asked Questions and Speedy Replies

  • With chatbots, there will be no more copied-and-pasted replies to customers’ enquiries. 

  • Auto-replies are here to provide suitable and detailed answers. 

Multiple log-ins without geographical boundaries

  • Simultaneous log-ins by the Sales Team and Customer Services allow immediate replies to enquiries from various platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp. We support both iOS and Android to provide the most needed help 24/7. 

Internal Notes for Seamless Customer Services

  • Internal notes for staff can be pre-set to record useful customer information. Seamless customer services are no longer missions impossible!

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