Making use of Recurring notifications in Facebook Messenger for marketing


Recurring notification is a powerful feature for businesses to maintain a high level of engagement and loyalty with their customers on Facebook. Here are some tips for you to know about when setting up recurring notifications, and how different industries adopt recurring notifications into their marketing strategy.

Key Benefits of Recurring Notifications in Facebook Messenger

  1. Recurring notifications allow businesses to send ongoing messages to customers beyond the 24-hour messaging window
  2. Users only need to opt-in once to subscribe to the recurring notification messages
  3. Messages can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

How does recurring notifications work?

Facebook has introduced a brand new method to maintain consistent contact with your opt-in topic subscribers – introducing Recurring Notifications. Recurring Notifications are ongoing messages that users have opted-in to a recurring notification request that outlines the frequency of messages that they’ll likely receive if they choose to get them. Here is how recurring notifications work:

Step 1: Getting user opt-in to recurring notification topics

During the initial 24-hour messaging window, you send opt-in requests to users for sending them regular notifications. The opt-in notification gives users an expectation of the frequency of messages they might receive. They can be pre-set as either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Step 2: Sending notification messages

After the user opted-in to your topic, you can send messages based on the frequency of the topic. It could be sales & promotions, newsletters, campaigns, or business updates. Just make sure it abides by the frequency interval. Depending on the initial frequency, Facebook will prompt them with a reminder to confirm they’d still like to receive messages from you when the permission expires. These messages come after: 

6 months for Daily messages

9 months for Weekly messages

12 months for Monthly messages

Why is recurring notifications feature unbeatable?

Facebook’s policy only allows you to respond to messages within a 24-hour window in any forms or manually respond within a 7-day period. But now, with the user’s permission, you can message them outside of this window and as long as it abides by the conditions they opted-in for. But what makes recurring notifications feature unbeatable is its performance over other messaging channels. A recent study showed that email marketing for businesses on average had 21.5% open rates and 2.3% click-through rates. While some industries such as retail had open rates as low as 17%. While it’s important to capture key contact info such as email addresses, low open rates mean you need to work harder in stiff competition to get customers to open your email or click into the hyperlink. Comparatively, studies show that for Messenger, it is 88% open rates and 56% click-through rates.

With the above performance contrast, we encourage you to transform your regular email marketing content to fit in shorter, easier to digest messages on Facebook Messenger to improve the return you get. Ready to set up on your Messenger? Create an account and read our guide for recurring notifications

How recurring notifications can be applied across different industries?

1. Deliver valuable content to attract purchase / throughout a paid subscription period

Suitable Industries: Education Centres, Personal Training, Gyms, Yoga Studio, Coaches, Course Creators and Online Influencers

Using the Daily Message Frequency you could deliver daily content to create a challenge in order to: 

  • Keep the subscribers engaged throughout the challenge 
  • Measure and monitor their progress to gauge the likelihood of converting at the end of the challenge or identify users you can focus more closely on
  • Create an onboarding series that releases content regularly, making it easy for them to access

2. Curate a post-purchase customer experience to build loyalty

Suitable Industries: E-commerce, Retail and Hospitality

Using the Weekly Message Frequency in order to: 

  • Send a series of onboarding messages that helps educate and inform the customers with key information, setup and how to make the most of your product 
  • Provide key links to help troubleshoot or find support for the product 
  • Offer key up-sells or offers as a current customer 
  • Capture and encourage detailed reviews and feedback

3. Send e-newsletter to subscribers as regular update

Suitable Industries: ANY Using the Weekly / Monthly Message Frequency you can send updates to subscribers to:
  • Transform the key information in your newsletter to shorter, bite-size snippets making it easier to digest
  • Preview the contents of the message in the initial notification and use language (much like a subject line) that will help increase click-through rates
  • Build the information and site links into a gallery carousel
Recurring notifications is a powerful feature to increase engagement with your chatbot and retain your customers. The key of setting message frequency is whether you are confident the message provides value to the customers. For content like learning materials or important reminders, we suggest you set a higher message frequency. If it is very general information that you wish customers to know about your business or new products yet uncertain whether customers find it relevant, we suggest you set a lower message frequency instead. Ready to experience using recurring notifications for your Facebook Messenger? Join us now starting from free!
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