How to allow multiple users with WhatsApp Business?

The following shows how WhatsApp Business supports multiple users:

Following its updates, WhatsApp Business can now support at most 4 devices for the same account. Users are no longer restricted to only one computer or mobile device.

Trick 1:Setting up for multiple devices on WhatsApp Business App

The new setting – “WhatsApp Business Multi-Device” allows both Android and iOS users to log in to their WhatsApp Business account with at most 4 devices at the same time. Read below to find out how!

Trick 2:Using WhatsApp Business API

Other than “WhatsApp Business Multi-Device”, businesses can now also employ WhatsApp Business API (an advanced version of WhatsApp Business). Through applying for premium WhatsApp Business services from service providers. With WhatsApp Business API, users enjoy the privilege of using the same account with an unlimited number of devices, not to mention other advanced functions!

How to allow multiple users to use WhatsApp Business on your devices?


After opening WhatsApp Business,

Step 1: Click “Setting” at the bottom right corner > Linked Devices

Step 2: Click “Link a Device” > Scan the QR on other devices that you want to link.


Click the icon on the top right corner upon opening WhatsApp Business.

Step 1: Click “Linked devices”.

Step 2: Scan the QR on other devices that you want to link.

Restrictions on WhatsApp Business Multi-Device

WhatsApp Business Multi-Device only supports at most 4 devices for simultaneous log-in, which may not help to cater for a huge number of client messages.

In addition, other restrictions include not being able to delete conversations on linked devices and making lists of broadcasts.

If businesses are looking for effective management of their WhatsApp Business accounts, WhatsApp Business API (an advanced version of WhatsApp Business) will enable businesses to enjoy unlimited numbers of linked devices with premium functions to explore.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API?

Businesses need to apply for WhatsApp Business API through specific service providers. Upon successful application, businesses will be able to co-manage their account on various platforms, softwares and applications, facilitating effective management and promotion of business. What’s worth noting is that there is no limit on simultaneous log-ins!

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

There are so many more advanced functions with WhatsApp Business API, including unlimited log-ins on different devices, WhatsApp Broadcast, WhatsApp Chatbox, official verification as an official business account. WhatsApp Auto-Reply will do the magic to cater for a massive number of clients and deal with repetitive enquiries from clients.

Application for WhatsApp Business API

Such applications require (1) a verified Facebook account of the company, (2) an effective phone number and (3) account details of WhatsApp API (Name of the company and official website). Applications will be submitted through official service providers and will take 3-14 days for approval.

User-friendly operations of chatalog for multiple log-ins on WhatsApp

Why chatalog?

“Simple operations for Multiple log-ins on devices”

Chatalog allows effective one-stop management of main communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message. Effective management and promotion of business no longer require strenuous efforts when all conversations with clients are managed using the same platform!

In addition to multiple log-ins on different devices, automated services including auto-reply, streaming and labelling of clients help to record client details on CRM, helping you to make effective promotion and boost sales!

Guides to using chatalog WhatsApp Business API

Check our quick guides to see how automated WhatsApp functions boost your sales!

–   Multiple users and log-ins!

Check out an unprecedented experience with chatalog by registering to be our member with your email. It’s totally free of charge! Click “+ Invite” at the top right corner and invite your members with their emails for simultaneous log-ins!

–   Automated management of conversations

Your status of conversations will be classified as (1) Closed – auto-replied from robots; (2) Assigned – enquiries assigned automatically or manually; (3) Open – requiring real-person handling; and (4) Show All – to show all conversations.

–   Assigning conversations

To allocate specific messages to team members, choose the message and delegate it to the member by clicking “Status” at the top right corner. That’s how you can answer clients’ enquiries more effectively!

–   Auto-reply with keywords!

What helps you handle clients’ queries with prompt and accurate answers? Automation by chatalog allows you to pre-set keywords and relevant answers. Auto-replies will do the job for you when keywords are detected by the system!

There are many more practical functions with chatalog. Read WhatsApp Broadcast Message and WhatsApp Auto-Reply to understand more!

To foster sustainable relationships with clients, effective communication is a key element indeed. chatalog helps to provide you with one-stop management of your communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages. Coupled with automated functions and CRM, knowing what your clients like isn’t a mission impossible any more! Click here for a free trial!

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