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BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference gathering leading innovation and technology companies and solution providers to showcase innovative technologies, it is the only business platform in Hong Kong that focuses on displaying key social and business technologies in the virtual era. How to increase the number of visitors and improve their attendance rate? How to improve customer experience?

Learn more about how Seiko Lee, senior business development manager of the organizer Baobab Tree Event, shared how to push messages through WhatsApp and connect ChatGPT to answer customer inquiries, resulting in increase attendance and intelligent customer service with high accuracy.

BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo - Why did you consider using chatalog in the first place?

Seiko Lee:Many new normals have emerged after the epidemic. How can large-scale exhibitions and conferences effectively increase the flow of people or attendance? In the past, we would remind registrants to attend through emails or SMS messages, but after the epidemic, most people live with their phones and rely on communication software such as WhatsApp. Therefore, we came up with the idea of ​​sending reminder messages through WhatsApp.

Sending WhatsApp reminder messages one by one is too time-consuming. Fortunately, we met chatalog, the official WhatsApp API provider. Not only can it send a large number of WhatsApp messages to designated customer groups at once through the Chatbot, but it can also customize the message content. For example, send different messages to customers who are interested in Metaverse, VR/AR experiences, and innovative environmental themes. Personalized messages effectively increase attendance!

How does chatalog improve the customer experience of BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo?

Seiko Lee:In the past, whether exhibitors or participants had any inquiries or problems, manpower is required to respond to them one by one, and even required a real person to call or email to answer in detail. After using chatalog to connect to the WhatsApp API, and the exclusive ChatGPT automatic reply function, 90% of questions can be answered, reducing the burden on customer service.

Different from traditional Chatbot functions, which require time to establish the Chatbot flow (process), chatalog’s ChatGPT function is easy to set up. Just upload the company’s documents to the platform, and ChatGPT will automatically learn the relevant content. Upload some documents of the exhibition, and ChatGPT can automatically reply with citations, with an accuracy of 90%.

Try chatalog’s WhatsApp automatic push and ChatGPT automatic reply function now!

In addition, BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo also uses the team inbox function to allow sales and customer service teams to collaborate and manage customer communications. In the past, only one person was allowed to log in to WhatsApp, which required time for communication between colleagues to avoid “bounce” conversations when logging in at the same time. After using chatalog to upgrade to WABA (WhatsApp Business API), multiple colleagues can log in to manage the same WhatsApp number at the same time. You can also use the “Internal Notes” function to leave key points to facilitate cross-department follow-up on customer inquiries.

What is the most practical feature of chatalog?

Seiko Lee:I think the most practical function of chatalog is the all-round customer interface. When customers answer questions, the system can automatically tag customers and intelligently classify customers’ interests in different topics so that we can automatically send promotional message based on customer classification later.

Which industry do you think is suitable for using chatalog?

Seiko Lee:I think many industries also need chatalog services, especially in today’s life where many people also rely on communication media to communicate and keep in touch with customers through WhatsApp, which effectively improves customer experience!

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