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CASETiFY chose to use chatalog’s Instagram chatbot to construct their set of smart replies for sharing latest news and updates with existing customers. Not only does it automatically initiate instant customer interaction, but it also builds a good brand image in the long term. Recently, they hosted an Instagram livestream with some KOLs aimed to increase engagement with potential customers. Instagram chatbots can also automatically send exclusive combo offers upon receiving a DM from the customers, which reduces a substantial amount of customer service pressure.

Within 1-Hour Instagram Livestream
Account Reach
Account Engagement
Trigger Comments
Received DM

Company name: CASETiFY
Function: Chatbot, KOL Live
Platform: Instagram

CASETiFY is the fastest growing global tech accessories brand in the world, reaching 1 in 7 millennials with their impactful and playful designs.

Challenges faced by CASETiFY

CASETiFY faced the following challenges since they receive many daily messages

(1)Manually replying customers creating inefficiency

(2)Difficulty in tracking leads

(3)Bottlenecked in increasing customer loyalty

(4)Interacting with potential customers after an instagram livestream turning to be complex and complicated

chatalog’s solution

chatalog sets up custom messages and dialogue flow for CASETiFY. These automatic responses are also applicable to Instagram live, sending product images and purchase links to customers’ DMs. This reduces customer service obligations greatly and significantly increases product sales.

(1)Answer customer questions within seconds and relieve customer service pressure

(2)Smart product recommendation and image recognition to increase sales rapidly

(3)Creative setups of automatic reply provide high levels customer interactions

(4) Broadcast messages can be sent post-live, retargeting the audience with secondary engagement

Automatically answer customer in seconds, relieving customer service stress

Intelligent product recommendation and image recognition, increasing sales rapidly

After CASETiFY using chatalog’s Instagram chatbot:

At least 66% decrease in
customer service staff workload in answering different Instagram accounts (including: Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwan and global account)

A 4X (Global) and 8 Times (HK) increase in
engagement with target market

Hong Kong




Instagram live : CASETiFY x KOL

After CASETiFY used chatalog’s Instagram chatbot for Instagram livestream:


Increase of 280+
potential customers who have clicked and browsed the CASETiFY website

Addition of over 569 engagements
including followers (63.9%) and

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