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Instagram smart chatbots are versatile and applicable to all kinds of industries, such as creative media & design, clothing & fashion, and F&B.


Cheung Leung Kee


Benefits of Smart Instagram Chatbots


1. Reply to any messages automatically💬

2. Ease transition from Livestream sale to website🛍️

3. Multi-format content; carousels and stylized buttons🔘

4. Auto-share special giveaway offers from IG Story tagging🎁

5. Link commenting customers to website checkout🚪

6. Interact and engage with customers further with unique content🎏

SME Success Stories

SMEs often face the challenges presented by the limited human resources to constantly interact with their customers, and the ongoing pandemic has made it even more difficult to reach a wider audience. By building a comprehensive Instagram chatbot, not only can you automatically respond to messages but also send unique, stylized messages to attract more customers and direct them to your website or WhatsApp to increase traffic and product sales.

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Cut down customer service pressure by automating 90% of responses
+ 1 X
Drive traffic and increase customer purchase intent


Cheung Leung Kee



💡Chatalog Tips

Reply to inquiries automatically💬
The chatbot responds to all customer inquiries with custom-built messages and links, providing 24/7 service to help customers feel supported and cared for.

Enhance visuals with our customization tools 🔘
Message customization includes formats in carousel and action push-buttons, increasing visual appeal and product attractiveness. Providing customers with one-click-express to your website, order forms, etc.

Auto-send purchase links to commenting customers🚪
Customers will receive automatic replies through DMs, and by including product links, they can instantly make purchases of their favorite products—and increase your business’s profitability!

SME’s Challenges

SMEs often face the following challenges on their Instagram accounts:

(1) Burdensome to manually handle huge amounts of customer inquiries.

(2) Difficult to interact with or introduce products to customers, especially in the ongoing pandemic.

(3) Difficulty in raising the engagement and purchase rates from target customers.

Chatalog’s Solutions

Chatalog helps SMEs by setting up Smart Reply to facilitate instantaneous interaction with customers:

(1) Homemakase uses Messenger API for Instagram inbox flow to record customer orders and immediately direct them to WhatsApp (e.g., meals for 6, delivered on Wednesday), greatly reducing customer service workload and increasing sales by 60%.

(2) CheungLeungKee solves their many inquiries about price by auto-sending product details and purchase links triggered by $ related keywords, lowering CS Pressure by 60%

(3) Mr_n_mrs_moon illustrators use Messenger API for Instagram to automatically giveaway special offers through referral tagging. Customers that @tag 2 friends will receive special Whatsapp Stickers and Exclusive Wallpapers immediately, drastically increasing presence in the target audience and sales.

Link orders to WhatsApp

DM 「Smart Reply」 function. Instant interaction with customers

Acquire more customers with Giveaways. Comment and @tag friends

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