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chatlog provides an omni-channel, automated customer communication platform, allowing your team to communicate with customers through different instant messaging softwares on one interface. Practical functions such as automatic scheduling and promotion of products, 24/7 chatbots to automatically reply to customers in real time, real-time reports and analysis and so on will help you formulate more comprehensive and efficient marketing plans.


Automatically reply to inquiries


Message open rate (Open Rate)



Send group messages through the official authentication platform

  • Use the WhatsApp official authentication code to send group messages , increasing the message open rate by up to 95%.
  • Easy use of automatic reply with a click or a button. Customers are guided through purchase with just a click away, simplifying replies.
  • Utilize chatalog’s labeling system to quickly find the corresponding customer group, and easily schedule group sending of personalized messages.

Auto-reply streams conversations to teams

  • Automatically answer customer questions 24/7 and stream messages to suitable team members for follow-up, increase customer service efficiency, and establish a good relationship with customers
  • chatalog has an internal note function, which can input hidden internal messages to employees, record customer information, and realize seamless customer service

Simultaneous login by multiple people in unlimited areas

  • Team members can log in to the same platform at the same time and reply to customers from different channels in real time, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and so on
  • chatalog supports Android and iOS, allowing the team to answer customer questions anytime, anywhere

Real-time reporting and analysis

  • Real-time analysis of data from multiple instant messaging softwares, such as the open rate and reply rate of WhatsApp group messages
  • Analyze which marketing strategies are more attractive through past data, and improve your publicity strategies and business direction
  • chatalog can also track team performance, including response time, successful conversion rate and other key indicators

Sales increased by 70%

After using chatalog to join WhatsApp, the sales process has been fully automated, automatically pushing discounts and increasing page views, finally increasing sales by 70%!

David Ng

Founder of DFV Fine Wines

More chatalog functions to help you grow your business

Tags categorize each customer group

  • With chatalog’s intelligent classification rules, team members can follow up different customer groups more effectively. Strategic promotion activities can be designed effectively based on this group to increase ROI
  • Try chatalog’s exclusive recommended templates for effective business promotion

WhatsApp Official Green Tick Certification

  • No more worry about your account being disabled! Establish your own reliable corporate image and increase the open rate of messages now!

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